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Rosso, Nero & Azzurri, Onto the Knockouts

Absolutely bittersweet today, so happy that Italy advanced, even more happy that Rino and Pirlo were their old selves, but heartbroken that the Azzurri will be without Rino and Pirlo for Spain, hope the best out of the possible pairing of Ambro and Aquilani.

Still not all that pleased with the team’s performance today, but a win is a win, and though I would have liked a bit more dominance, you have to hope the team can build off this.

Some observations from today…

-Toni should bench himself. His touch is shot, his legs are gone and his knack for the net is gone as well. I feel like he has aged in three games, I know how dangerous he can be but how man sitters can one man miss! I wish the Don had given Borriello a run in the last few of this game to see what the kid was made of.

-Cassano seemed to better DiNatale and ADP so he gets my bet for Sunday.

-Zambro really redeemed himself today, even though both he and Grosso did a lot less deep offensive work.

-Every Italy win seems to come with one great save from Gigi, Germany and France in 06 and France again today, he has to be the world’s best hands down.

-DDR showed me something today, but his crown can wait a little longer. He should thank TH14 for the sweet finish.

-When DDR scored it looked like someone pulled a bus off The Don.

-The Dutch B-squad may beat Italy in the case of a rematch.

-Spain is a great match up for Italy, more on that come the weekend, but I think they match up nicely because Spain likes to control the midfield and Italy is all to pleased to hold and counter.