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Time for Trip to the Motherland


This weekend the Rossoneri travel to an old time foe, which still holds a place in my heart, after all I am Napolitano. Place in my heart or not, I don’t care about anything but a Milan victory this weekend, because with the way the table stands six points punches Milan’s ticket to the Champions League. Wish is that easy.

Only one team have taken a points from the Stadio San Paolo this season and that is Roma, but who can remember what happened when Napoli visited the San Siro. Pato anyone?

It was a great game with tons of fireworks, but I do remember that Milan pulled away late but was twice put back on their heels by Napoli’s new Argentine, Lavezzi. The defense will have its hands full, no doubt. But it is the midfield that really worries me. Pirlo is out with yellow card suspension and more than few Milan players; Ambro and Rino, are one away from a suspension in the last game of the season. This puts Carletto in a bit of a predicament because of the lack of a creative player in the midfield, this really makes you contemplate where the reinforcements are needed, and also makes you wonder what is Carletto going to do? My vote, as it has been most of the season is on Gourcuff, with Seedorf in the Pirlo role. But Carletto never heeds my advice, instead he will most likely slot Brocchi alongside Rino and Ambro, or worse he will defrost old man Emerson and throw him in the mix. I do believe that like the rest of the Brazilians on the team, Emerson is injured in some way or another.

The usual suspects will line up on defense with Il Capitano still out injured with very little news on his return or his next season. Bonera will be the man to watch as he was on good form before the Juve match and really hopes to regain that in the closing matches of the season. He seems to play well in the first 60 minutes or so but then falls apart in the last 30. Carletto, if you are subbing a defender in the second half maybe he is your man.

With the Pirlo out Carletto can always opt for two strikers and who better than Pippo and Pato or even Gila. It really doesn’t matter who, it only matters that Pippo is on fire and will do his best to keep scoring goals at will. It is hard to believe Milan can’t take three points if Pippo can bag a brace, then again most teams don’t lost if anyone bags a brace, but Milan have been in worse positions as of late.

The bottom line as I stated earlier is a win, it is a must here to stay in the top four and finish this season strong. A lot depends on Milan’s qualification including transfers, Serie A’s success in UEFA (more on this later), and IL Capitano’s future. This is not just three points anymore, it’s the season.