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Derby Recap, and Welcoming a Frenchman

I have to admit I am still overly thrilled with the derby win, and still salivating over the thrilling potential of the scudetto going down to the wire. An all around dominate performance from Milan, and I would have to say that less the last 15-20 minutes or so played one of their best games of the season. It is hard for me to pinpoint the man of the match because so many players stepped up on the big change, but the ones that stick out most for me were Ambro and Nesta. Ambro’s tireless play in the midfield and his constant harassment of Inter’s midfield, specifically Maniche and Zannetti, meant that Milan enjoyed a huge amount of possession in the first half. Nesta took on the chore of managing the defense and did so impeccably, now if he could only teach Bonera that a football game is 90 minutes long and that he has to keep his head on straight for all of it Milan will have a formidable defense come next season. When Suazo came on it was like Bonera reverted to toddler behavior while Nesta calmly defended him strong on every touch.

It is hard to find negatives in the performance, but the last 20 minutes or so had me on the edge of my seat wishing the final whistle more than ever. I will go ahead though and bash Inter a bit, because we can. The lack of an attacking threat on that team was very transparent on Sunday, Zlatan is a great striker but all great strikers need great service and Inter lack that. There is no true #10 on that team and it shows, and if they lose the scudetto then Moratti needs not go very far to place blame, a mirror is good place to start. I will however come out and say that it does not matter all that much to me if Roma surpass Inter or not, because neither team have really capitalized on each others error’s and neither seem to lack that hunger or cutting edge and quite frankly I am focused on the task at hand for Milan. Fourth place here we come, and six points will assure this so let’s keep on trucking.

Tons of Musings to speak of…

-Der Kaiser (Franz Beckenbauer) wants Rino in Bayern. Just image for a second what adding Rino to that team would do, finished? CL champions anyone? I still toss and turn at the thought of him leaving, but was reminded by a friend the other day that if Rino in his heart truly wants to leave than better to honor his request than to keep him at San Siro against his will. It is hard to swallow, and I do not wish it or want it, but it is a thought worth considering to help ease the pain.

-A big warm Milan welcome to Flamini, and congrats to Milan on a masterfully handled free transfer. When Flamini abruptly left Marseille he did so after having contract discussions with the coach at the time, so when he packed his bags for Arsenal the coached said he felt used and that Flamini had commited “beautiful treason.” Well it looks like Arsene Wenger will be repeating those sentiments as despite talks with Arsenal, Flamini is a rossoneri. I have to admit I am very happy with signing and the added depth, but in the same token am disappointed at the loss of playing time for Ambro who in the past few weeks has been playing himself straight into the national team. The nice thing about Flamini is his versatility which he honed at Arsenal, playing everywhere but striker. But this all got me thinking, Ambrosini is a defense midfielder and so is Flamini, but unlike Flamini, Ambro is a tall guy and may have the skill and desire to learn the left back position. It is just a thought but a great way to be a player full of heart and determination to good use in a spot on the pitch that needs filling. Oddo on the right, Ambro on the left, and Nesta and Kaladze in the middle, sprinkle in some Bonera and Janks and you have a fairly solid defense, its just a thought and I would be interested to hear your thoughts.

-Ronaldo is sorting through his transvestite hooker mess, which raises the question, if you are a famous footballer why do you need hookers? Then again why do those hookers have to part male? The saga continues… I used to root for Big Ron to get his life back in order but now I just root for him to leave. Imagine if he injured himself in the romp with on of these “paid contractors,” we would be fuming. It is time to cut your losses here Fester and sell this man to Fenerbache, the new Brazilian rest home.