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State of Affairs: Carletto

I am going to take a state of affairs for each position at Milan and then hopefully onto a state affairs for Serie A and UEFA.


For all intents and purposes it looks as though Carletto is staying. But a domino effect can certainly happen and here is how. The Don, win or lose, will not be the coach of the Azzurri come July. If he wins he will flip off everyone at the Italy offside who doubted him and tell the FIGC to shove his extension. This would open a spot for Carletto at the Azzurri and vacate a hole on the Rossoneri bench. This means the unemployed coaches, Lippi, Rijkaard, the Don, and Mourinho all go into the running for the Rossoneri job. Remember however this same pool is in line for Chelsea and possibly Inter so it will make an intriguing mess come July, and really turn the heat up on the transfer market with the potential of Chelsea exodus to wherever Mourinho lands.

I am not saying this is going to happen, but the possibility is very much their. Much of our positional discussions were surrounded around the formations of Carletto, but that would most definitely change with a new coach, any coach for that matter. As you can see we can talk this to death, but patience is the only thing that will solve this debacle…

*Since I wrote this post Carletto may or may not have been in contact with Chelsea. Would he go there I don't know? But it would be scary to think of what the xmas tree would do at Stamford Bridge.