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Saturday Morning Hangover, Rumors!

Lets take a minute and try to straighten out this transfer rumor carousel that is spinning at a fever pitch right now…

Lloris: Milan was interest in the young French GK, but it appears so is Lyon. Being that Lloris and Lyon are both French it appears to be a match made in heaven, and a highly likely scenario. There were rumors saying that Lloris would only come if he was guaranteed playing time in his contract, that is an appaling thought to me especially with a young GK. Image if his contracted force him to play 20 games, what if the first five were god awful, then what. It was probably just a rumor but the shear though of those kinds of stipulations is appalling.

Drogba: It is hard to deny the need for Milan to have a strong star atop the xmas tree, and as long as Carletto stays on the brass should prepare for that. Drogba is a good fit but there are others as well, such as Eto or Adebayor who can fill the bill. I was and still am fairly keen on Drogba but his red card on Wednesday really took him off my highest of pedestals. I am torn on this whole scenario, but hope that if he is available and willing Milan still make a move for him. There are talks of him going where Mourinho goes, but there is also talk of him spreading his wings and going at it alone, the bottom line is he wants to be in Italy.

Eto: Tottenham and the striker seem to not like each other so there is room for him at San Siro, but apparently on both sides. Moratti likes whoever Carletto likes Ibra, Suazo, and now Eto! Can’t you find your own damn players and some new glasses while you are at it! Maybe Carletto should like some crappy obscure forward so Moratti buys him. I don’t understand why Moratti has to use the Milan scouting staff as his own, and why the Milan scouting staff can’t throw him for a loop. Regardless of my hate for Moratti, I would welcome Eto, and believe he would fit nicely.

Adebayor: This is a really special guy to me because his potential is through the roof. He also blends the power and size of Drogba and the speed and finesse of Eto which is very hard to do. If he could be pried away from Wenger than make it happen, his age is also a huge plus as he could be an employee for close to ten years!

Robinho: I like him, and if CRon goes to Madrid it leaves this little Brazilian without a home. I still have to work through the motions of how he would work in the Carletto system, possibly alongside Kaka in the xmas tree? The bottom line is he is young, talented, and a far better investment than a certain other Brazilian on sale in Spain. (one of my fave vids of all time it really gets rolling around 2:02.)

Dossena: The rumors are pushing the versatile 26 year old defender to L’Pool. That stinks because first I hate Pool, second he is potentially an Azzurri player in the making and I would like him to stay in Italy. If you think back at all the wingbacks Milan have had in the national team it almost makes sense for one to play there as your stock will go up, think long and hard Dossena before going to Anfield.

Zambro: Terms have been agreed to since he got there (at least that’s what if feels like) but still no real progress on his San Siro trip. Juve is still lurking and I feel in the next few days we will have a better idea of where he ends up, definitely expect a move before Euro 08!

Amelia: For me he is the most logical GK replace for Milan. Young, strong, Azzurri future, even keeled, and just plain good. He needs to be in a top four club if he wants to become the successor to Buffon and there is no better place than Milan. His time at Livorno is done and if Palermo offer if him 10M, then offer him 12M and get this deal done. THERE IS NO REASON WHY THIS CAN’T HAPPEN!!!

OK I am done for now in the upcoming days before Euro we will take a state of affairs at each position for Milan as well as celebrate Maldini Monday.

I am also kicking around the idea that once the Euro is over that I want to give you guys a chance to pick a topic and write about it. I will post it with full credit to you on weekends following Euro leading to the season. Think of it as a guest weekend writer, you guys and gals are always coming up with fantastic stuff and you deserve the chance. We can talk more about as the time comes but it will be limited and the topics can range from whatever on earth you can think of, Milan related. Let me know what you think…