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Rossoneri/Serie A Awards

It is hard to hand out awards in a crappy season, but heck lets do it anyway.


MVP: Ambro-what is there to say about this guy this season? Captain of the club in the absence of Paolo he has scored huge goals and his intensity was equal to Rino, if not more on occasion. He deserves all the credit in the world for his season and his potential first team place in Euro 08. (sorry for the song)

Best Scorer: Pippo-the man turned it on like switch in the last month of the season edging Pato for this award in my book. Don’t worry the Duckling gets a prize later.

Biggest Improvement: Kalac-without the big Aussie where would Milan be? Out of UEFA Cup play…He filled in incredibly and if he wasn’t on the wrong side of 30 I would have no problem anointing him the next Milan GK.

Best Newcomer: Pato-he provided a spark that was desperately needed in 08. He has a lot to learn but I am happy to have him on the squad now and in the future.

Biggest Flop: Dida-from top 3 GK’s in the World to the forgotten man. His gaff against Celtic and then Inter made me embarrassed to have him on Milan’s payroll. Gila was a close second here as he was non-existent, but I don’t blame that all on him as he did have seven goals.

Worse Newcomer: Emerson-could there be a more useless signing?

Most Overrated Player: Kaka- I am going to catch a lot of flack for this, but how can you not be overrated when you are coming off a World Player of the Year Award. Really for Ricky there was no where to go but down and with the injuries and the let off in play. Gourcuff was close second but like Gila it was less his fault, because he can’t demand to play.

Let’s banter about Serie A a bit as well.

Serie A-

MVP: ADP-This man was a goal scoring machine and a human highlight reel and single-handedly won and tied games for the Old Lady. I was never his biggest fan but damn you got to respect him for this season’s performance.

Best Scorer: Marco Borriello-He put up hat tricks on more than one occasion and scored some cracking goals. Granted there were prettier goals scored, but no one was putting them in at the same clip as Marco. Had Cassano played a full year Marco who would have had some stiff competition.

Biggest Improvement: Ambro-For me it has to be Ambro, he really had a spectacular season in 08. After years of above average play, you have to really smile and be happy that he had some great top notch play, and an integral part of the Rossoneri. Got a give a close second to Vargas, kid tore it up on the wing. (more ambro)

Best Newcomer: This was a tough for me as any of the Juve or Napoli youngsters could have gone in here because they came from Serie B. With that said I gave it Napoli’s Marek Hamsyk. The kid really proved his worth for Napoli and scored some great goals out of nowhere, he has also garnered interest from the EPL big four which is no small feat, and will have a lot of room to grow as Napoli grows up and surrounds him with a better supporting cast.

Biggest Flop: Vieri-The UEFA Cup semifinal has to sum it for me and Bobo. The Viola needed him and he didn’t have the gas left in the tank. I hate to do that to a guy who has done some amazing things but his time has passed.

Worst Newcomer: Tiago –I am not sure it was all his fault, as the tinkerman lost faith in him as the season went on, but he did nothing improve his chances.

Most Overrated Player: DDR-I am going to catch flack for this too, but his skills are there but the polish is very much not. At times he has been called the rich man’s Rino, or Rino in Armani, but for me he is Rino in a terrible infant form. He runs his mouth, comes off as a crybaby and has a knack for yellow cards. I don’t know about you but I will take Rino anyday over this kid, I may sing a different tune in five years but right now that’s my story and I am sticking to it.

Suazo you are right behind so go collect your paycheck and sit on your ass!