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It still hurts...

Since 1990 no team has been played in more CL matches than the Rossoneri so I would like to think that it is within our rights as tifosi to discuss CL football, and be somewhat of an authority on the subject.

On the other hand, as many of you may or may not know I am a closet Chelsea fan, it all started with Sheva’s move but ends with stunning play of guys like Essien and Drogba! So naturally I am pulling for Chelsea but because of work I could not watch the game until later so I am closed myself from the outside world and I am now watching the game with my trusty self and want to make a few observations. I know they are late but I hope they are still entertaining as you imagine me not knowing the result.

-Essien is proving to be a handful for CRon even though he got the goal. He is keeping him under wraps, but it is limiting Essien’s ability to get into the attack.

-Where is Rooney, I had a discussion with a certain Arsenal fan who believed Rooney was the key for ManU, not much of key if you don’t touch the ball.

-Petr Cech is a beast!

-This ref is letting a lot of calls go for the Red Devils.

-Can you imagine Ferdinand and Terry or Rooney and Lampard in England camp next week; it has to been awkward for the loser.

-Clarence is a fantastic commentator in any language, if you though he was good in English, you should hear him on ESPN Deportes.

-Drogba is so dangerous, his shot out of nowhere off the post was just awesome.

-Avram Grant makes two positive subs with Anelka and Kalou, could it be his is trying to outfox SAF. On paper Grant wins the subs battle, why would you take out Rooney in a game this big?

-The Chelsea v. Pool extra times spoiled us, as these minutes seem to not get through the midfield. Lots of back and forth with very little positive possession.

-Ballack where have you gone?

-Drogba from 28M literally pasted that ball, if Pirlo has finesse, this man has raw power.

-Tevez is a beast coming back to defend and still moving with pace.


-I know why Cech wears the helmet, and his injury was horrifying, but it still makes me laugh every time I see it.

-Cramps anyone…?

-Wow Tevez is picking fights, but it’s John Terry who seems to be making all the noise. This ref didn’t exactly do much to keep the boys in line now did he. Instead he throws three cards Ballack, Tevez, and Drogba. Quite frankly Drogba deserved it, what is he thinking in the biggest game of his club career to raise a hand, I am having a really hard time making sense of this right now. I am in complete disbelief watching Drogba walk off the field.

-Awesome, this ref has lost all control.

-Still can’t believe Drogba, really pissed at him for losing his cool.

-Should have gone with Sheva over Anelka. Anelka looks paralyzed by fear.

-Can you imagine Ferdinand and Terry or Rooney and Lampard in England camp next week, it has to been awkward for the loser.

-Nani with some fancy footwork.

-Grant does not add Sheva into the mix with his last sub, instead he chooses Belletti.

-The most nerve racking minutes in sports. Advantage to Cech in this one as the better GK in my eyes, but Man U gets to remove their weakest shooter because it must be ten against ten, so Van Der Sar won’t be shooting…

-Well Grant clearly put Belletti for this purpose, and he was money in the bank.

-CRon time, a repeat miss would be FANTASTIC, CECH!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, illegal kick anyone?!

-Advantage Blues.

-The CL trophy on Nani’s shoulders, GOAL!

-JT now with all the pressure, have to say I am bit nervous, fave team or not these PKs are nerve racking. WOW! New life for United. He slipped so awfully, such poor luck.

-Can’t say I have any confidence in Anelka right now, why not Essien? I WAS RIGHT.