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Last Day, Last Hope...

Do or die days are always much better when your fate is in your own hands. It is sad to think that at this point even a win is not enough to guarantee CL play. It is sad to think that at this point even a win is not enough to guarantee CL play, instead Milan are at the mercy of Torino and the Viola to seal their fate. Milan’s game is certainly winnable with Udinese’s season being all but sealed. The problem lies with guys like Fab Quags and DiNatale who are potentially one or two spectacular goals away from a trip to Euro 08. Expect those guys to play their hearts out because quite frankly they always do.

Milan on the otherhand are in a predicament without the services of Rino and Nesta, two of the best big game players on the squad. The potential backups include Bonera/Simic and Brocchi, unless Carletto goes wacko and plays without a midfield enforcer and using Gourcuff as an attacking option, imagine! Either way he will probably employ Pippo alone in front because well two out of three wins with that system aren’t all bad…IDIOT! Last week should have proved that a new formation is needed for this weekend, and a more offensive one at that. I do not see the importance of playing defensively when the only thing you need at this moment is a win! Maybe I am missing the point or I am insane from frustration but if your are going to lose the biggest game of the season why not do with our your guns on board?

OK, I can’t talk about the game anymore because I am slowly starting to fester a large amount of frustration inside. Other than CL finals I can’t remember a game of this magnitude, I also can’t remember a game where even with a win we need the help of others. 4th place, Carletto stays and Milan rearms with the likes of Amauri, Borriello, and a solid defender. 5th place, Carletto leaves, Amauri blows us off, Borriello comes back and Fester sells himself and the club on the UEFA cup and does all he can to attract some top class talent to come play in the junior champions league. If anyone was not nervous before you should be nervous now.

I also want to say that I am not going to sit here and dissect the season and where the club goes from here. Quite frankly I am not ready for that because the ship has not sunk, quite yet, but all hands are on deck for what is going to be the most exciting final Sunday I have ever lived through. With Chelsea captivating us last weekend, and Inter/Roma this weekend it is a great time to be a fan of football. Once the Rossoneri fate is sealed then we can begin the long arduous process of rebuilding ourselves and the club. We have been through a fair amount of stuff already in the past year, and we have plenty more to go.


One more thing, anyone remember the last has been Brazilian that Milan bought from Barcelona with delusions of grandeur? We didn’t need him and we don’t Ronaldinho!