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Wednesday Milan Musings

It is really hard to let a game like Sunday’s rest especially after reading match reviews and comments from various websites. It hurts as a fan to have the heart of your team questioned, but it also forces you to think about those accusations being true or not. The one word that sums up Milan for me this season is complacent. Other than the Club World Cup (that cursed thing seems to have ruined our season) this team played few games with any urgency and aggression and I believe that is what separated the squad from last season’s success. When I remember the 07 campaign I visualize Rino blasting CRon and Kaka shredding Celtic with a cutting edge that was truly spectacular. This year I see Pirlo laboring, Nesta with his hands on his knees, and Rino with a glazed look that can give no answer.

The problems this year start from the top with the lack of rearming in the transfer season. Pato was a great signing and the squad will hopefully reap his benefits for years to come; however, in my opinion he was mislabeled a savior and put under immense pressure to succeed. We musn’t forget his age and lack of big game experience, but also his lack of “small” game experience. This kid seemed to be put into the biggest spots without a chance to grow and make mistakes in smaller spots. Granted the majority of Milan’s games were high pressured in 2008, but Carletto seemed to put to much onus on his young shoulders. Pato will be fine but his growth must be put into perspective.

As for Carletto it is hard for me to see him sticking around after this campaign. I have said it in the past this season that it seems as though Carletto’s time here has past. For me a coach is a motivator but also a guy who makes the best out his players and bench putting the team in a position to win week and week out. There is nothing wrong with Carletto as a coach and you have to believe that he will be the next coach of the Azzuri, but his time at Milan has come to a close and a change may be best for all parties.

I hate to start these discussion now with one game left in the season, but its hard to retain all these thoughts as the frustrations of a wasted campaign mount. I try to reconcile a fifth place finish and look at the Bayern Munich model of rebuilding and reloading as a potential benefit, but it still hurts as a fan to see your team in a complacent mode.


-Luring transfers will have to be smooth and swift, again ala Bayern, to make sure everyone is happy and ready to role. Flamini came and I believe his desire is strong and I like that, but what about the rest. Amauri wants Milan, but he wants CL football as well. I like Amauri but if he is going to complain than is he worth, but in the same vane is Drogba willing to come without CL football. The rumors were hot and heavy this weekend that Drogba has played his last game in the EPL and a three year contract is in place at Milan with the hopes of joining Jose Mourinho at the San Siro.

Mourinho is a great coach, and if it means keeping him from Inter that’s fine. Especially with Carletto’s future in question why not add a coach who is very capable of turning a team into a hungry machine. With the addition of coach like Mourinho or even Rijkaard can come the lure of new players and a rebirth and new found desire for existing players as well.

-Milan was linked with Petr Cech today. In my opinion Cech is the second best goalie in the world behind Gigi Buffon and easily one of the fieriest goalies to play in front of. I have to say this rumor is extremely far fetched and quickly denied by Cech. However, it was nice to be linked to a world class keeper wasn’t it, even if he wears a helmet.


-Former Milan man Marco Van Basten is shocked that current Milan man Clarence Seedorf has pulled out of Euro 08. Quite frankly I am too, Seedorf has played a ton of games this season but also does not seem get along with Van Basten, much like teammate Van Bommel. It is a shape that Seedorf will miss the tourney but makes things a player easier for the Azzurri.

-Amauri is 33% Juve, 50% Milan, and 27% dumbass. I wish he would just make up his mind and put his heart somewhere instead of just being money hungry. Because we could use some of this...