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Tuesday Milan Musings

Look I hate to criticize a win, but someone has to do it, and why shouldn’t that someone be me. I will start some good points though, Bonera was excellent. He pushed forward and got back and made the most of his chance to play. He should get used to it because he will be seeing more action next weekend against the Old Lady. Personally, I still see him as a CB, but he did well to prove me wrong, his body type really says otherwise no? Ambro continues to poor his heart and soul into every minute on the pitch and I am afraid that if The Don calls him to the Azzuri he will be exhausted.

Pirlo found his form today but it was because he was pushed into the attack, and had far less responsibility in the defensive third. I have said it once and I will say it again, when Pirlo plays positive attacking football Milan wins, plain and simple. No offense to Cagliari but they lacked the ability to dictate the pace and tempo today and that proves lethal for the Rossoneri and made them look very good today. Gourcuff did well with his chances but I still don’t feel comfortable with his lack of true role on the squad. I envision Gourcuff alongside Kaka in the xmas tree, or on the flanks, but his central role seemed OK today. I just don’t see how he can succeed with the shuffle.

My last knock on the game is the lack of sustained play in the second half; an excellent first half was followed by a lackluster second. That won’t fly against Juve who are smarting from a great game against Palermo, the winning goal was cracker and worth a look for any fan. Cafu was nightmarish in the second half and if he does not retire, someone has to make him.

Onto the Fun Stuff…

-Our tifosi brethren on the boot have protested the club for a few reasons. The big ones being the lack of interest from Ol Sil and the rejection of a Sheva return. Berlusconi is pivotal to the success of Milan and when his checkbook is open the Rossoneri are a good team for obvious reasons.

This is the Silvio we need, don't take no crap from nobody...

It seems to me that Berlu would rather focus on his possible presidency than his team, well Sil it is time to get your priorities straight!

The fans have rejected Sheva, but not for being a turncoat who left for greener pastures, instead they claim that he is old (true) and that he is a waste of non-EU spot. UEFA clubs can only bring on one non-EU player per transfer window and in all honestly he would waste a spot for a bunch of other players, well said tifosi, well said.

-Galliani has said that Milan will focus on the scudetto next season. Well Fester lets get a few things straight, to win the scudetto the squad needs depth, and we don’t have it. To win the scudetto the squad needs stamina, and we don’t have it. To win the scudetto the squad needs quality players, and as the season wears on we are losing that too. He should really stop talking and start acting and fortify this team, we the fans will judge if the scudetto is possible, he should just buy the players.

-Speaking of buying players Milan have spoken about a fullback from Northern Ireland by the name of George McCartney, who is currently playing at West Ham. I will admit he is having a good year, but I would rather Leggrotaglia from Juve, or young Italian back if possible. Remember Zambrotta is supposedly already on his way.

-Juve lost Sunday and it makes next weeks game all that much more interesting, I will have a more on that as the week wears on.