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Milan 3 - Cagliari 1, ITS ABOUT TIME!!!

As I sit down to watch the Red Bulls with a towering gin and tonic, I start milling through the game post comments and game recaps on various websites. The comments coupled with the recaps have given me a strong feeling on the game, which I still have not seen, due to prior commitments. I will most definitely watch it first thing in the morning, but am beginning to wonder and decide if my watching or not watching affects the Rossoneri result?

The back line, outside of Il Capitano, was a bit of enigma today. Bonera slotted in at his comfortable right back spot, Carletto still wants to turn him into a CB for some reason, and seemed to have a quality start. Kaladze and Maldini held down the middle, which is as comfortable a pair you can give me outside of Nesta and Maldini. Favalli held down the left.

Pirlo seems to have gotten his groove back, and even though he was not on the score sheet it seems that through the comments he earned the Man of the Match talk. His performance was apparently so strong that he tired himself and left the pitch for a *Gasp* Gourcuff sighting. Why he was not on from square one probably has to do with the fact that Seedorf and Kaka were fully healthy and allowed Carletto to go to his comfortable xmas tree which seemed to have yielded results today. This formation also allowed him to give Pato a much deserved break, though I would have liked to see a Paloschi/Pippo tandem…but then again what do I know?

While Pirlo found some form and Rino as well, not everyone in Red and Black was firing on all cylinders. It appears that Kalac is human and his howler cost his shut out today. Had this game been 1 to 1, the spider would be crucified and demoralized right here in this paragraph of this post, but because he chose to make his mistake in a game that appeared to be comfortable our way we can let it slide. I guess Dida needs to see that difference a mistake against Cagliari vs. Inter is a huge deal. In the other net former Milan net minder Marco Storari proved his worth, and one can only think what kind of skills he can fly with a solid defense.

Where do we go from here….

Fiorentina welcomes Reggina and Sampdoria welcomes Livorno, folks these games do not look to be all that difficult for our close table mates, but at the end of the season everything is a toss up as exhaustion starts to balance the sides. Regardless of those games Milan needs to continue to focus on their responsibility, which is three points every time out, with next week being a tough test. We can talk about that later for now enjoy the win pretty or not, FORZA MILAN.