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Thursday Milan Musings

Just because our team is not in the Champions League anymore doesn’t mean we can’t discuss the tournament in addition to our usual Milan Musings.

Roma vs. ManU: Roma was overmatched by a team that is firing on all cylinders. I think Wayne Rooney or maybe Rio Ferdinand said it best, “There was no one on Roma’s side of the pitch that I would have swapped for on of ours.” What they are trying to say is they outplayed Roma at every position.

Schalke vs. Barcelona: I didn’t see the match but I hear Barca were lucky to get this draw and this game. Barca is not playing well and will most definitely be in trouble in the next round.

Arsenal vs. Liverpool: My Arsenal man on the inside said Arsenal played well and had a ton of chances but this result is not in their favor. Liverpool goes into the next game with an away goal advantage and the savy ability to kill off a game when necessary. Arsene’s boys need to come out swinging at Anfield to see the next round.

Fenerbache vs. Chelsea: Abysmal performance by Chelsea from top to bottom. Grant is a clueless manager and the minute he played Essien at right back in CL game he had lost the last shred of respect that I had for him. Avram just does not get the talent he has around him, and to make matters worst seems to make substitutions worse than Carletto. Grant seems to play Russian roulette with his subs. I was rooting for Chelsea in this tournament, but maybe Rossoneri tifosi are a jinx, and in that case pick a team that you dislike, ie Liverpool to root for.


-Henry was on the striker post from a few days ago, but he may off the list. It appears that he may be on his way to MLS, specifically Seattle to spend next season. It has always been a dream of Henry to make his way to the US, and he may get his chance, and get paid well in the process.

-Fester is entertaining Ronaldinho’s agent for lunch, but let’s not go crazy just yet. Dinho’s agent is also the agent for Ricardo Oliviera who is on loan in La Liga. Ricardo, who flopped last season, is supposedly going to stay in Spain for the right price. This is pretty much fine by me as he already had his chance and failed. As for Dinho, the rumors of him to Inter were strong and broke by Sports Illustrated, which means I tend to believe them more than others.

-We discussed Pirlo a bit in the last post’s comments and I want to take it a little further. This guys just looks run ragged, and we all know how important he is to the team. His lack of intensity and form is appaling and I beginning to think if a few games off is good for him, and well deserved. As an Azzuri fan I want Pirlo in form for Euro 08, but as a Rossoneri fan I am not sure we can afford his loss. Maybe Carletto needs to review his formations and lineup and play to the team he has…

-Speaking of formation and lineup issues Carletto has quite the task set out for him against Cagliari this weekend. This team will not roll over as they are in a heated battle to stave off relegation. This is will Carletto can prove that he still has what it takes to lead a team into battle regardless of whose hurt or not. If your reading Carlo this means not playing Emerson and Brocchi in the same lineup, and doing everything you can to resist a back four with Bonera, Nesta, Digao & Favalli. Play the youngsters and give them a chance, but put them into positions to succeed.

Ah the good times…