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Tuesday Milan Musings, Livorno 1 - Milan 4

Four goals are always impressive no matter the competition. I will say that the two whoopings that Milan has handed out are against relegations teams, and it may or may not be all the necessary to beat up on teams that maybe don’t deserve it. But this Milan is a completely different squad that is finally hungry for points and shows the offensive bite that has been lacking for the majority of 2008.

The first bit of praise goes to Pippo whose form is through the roof at this moment, and has a season average of a goal per game! That is phenomenal considering the injuries and lack of form in the early part of the year. In fact he has been so blazing hot in the box that even the Don has to consider a call up for a man that could be on his last hoorah and a very valuable super sub when the team is need.

Back to the game here, Milan is doing what needs to be done. Any losses in the home stretch and they can kiss fourth place good bye, which leads me to this weekend against the league leaders who will remain nameless until the end of the week. Fiorentina dropped the points that we were looking for and as they gear up for the UEFA Cup Milan needs to be breathing down their neck in the Serie A.

-Half Milan man Marco Borriello is now tied atop the goal scoring leaders of Serie A. I know this sounds bad but this is a good thing because if he does lead the league his bid will have to be a bit higher than if he loses, trust me he will get over it if he gets to play at the San Siro. I have been impressed with him all season long watching him score against big and little teams alike, and blasting teams with hat tricks on more than one occasion. The thing that has impressed me most about Marco is his humility, when recently asked if he should be called up to the Azzurri instead of Del Piero, he politely said, “Alex should go because he has given much to Italy and deserves it, but I will continue to play my best in hopes of my call.” That’s class that fits in quite nicely with the classy side of the San Siro.

-Ronaldo may be back sooner than expected, awesome!!!!! Sooner you come back the faster you can be sold. FOR SALE: Aging Brazilian striker, on top of the world 10 years ago, two brand new knees, and an extra layer of insulation all free. Hurry if you act now you can get three for the price of one with an old right back, and historic looking defensive midfielder.

-As if we are not sick of tired of our players asking to leave, the Milan brass has put a 55M price tag on Kaka. Is this a deterrence or a real way for Milan to make them a ton of money? I think it’s a deterrence, but I have been in favor of selling Kaka in the past to make a ton of money, I know its not the most popular view but we are here to share opinions. If Kaka was a stock he would be high and prime to sell, in fact he may even be in a bit of lull because of his lackluster form this season. Milan could reap the benefits of the transfer fee in the transfer market, but then again they could also damage the delicate fabric of the Rossoneri.

-Flamini may be on his way to Milan which in many fan’s views is a good thing. I just hope it does not force Rino away. I am currently indifferent to Flamini, and if he is going to bring depth to the bench than that’s great. Only time will tell how that works out.

-Fester has a pair of balls after all. He put his foot down on the ‘Dinho deal refusing to overpay and has even said that the only way Sheva comes back to the San Siro is on a free loan. That’s the way to show them baldy, give em hell.

Lets all enjoy Pippo (and hair bands), as he deserves it in the past few weeks.