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Milan 5 - Reggina 1

No transfer talk today, only joy of a win that finally made me smile. Even if you take a away the two PK’s, with the first being more deserved than the second, you still have a 3-1 Rossoneri domination. Congrats to Kaka on what was a beauty of a third goal, just fantastic composure and placement.
This should have been a very easy and was, and I do not remember the last time I was able to say that so confidently. The wind was taken out of Reggina early and instead of laying back the Rossoneri showed a killer instinct that had not been seen since the Napoli game where Pato debuted.

Today was such an effective win that I barely even need to mention the defense, outside of a scorching shot on the Reggina goal. These goals are sometimes unavoidable when your wingbacks don’t come back and defend and your shooters are not closed down. But alas a single lapse led to a goal that was a merely a number on the scoreboard. Kaladze had a dominate effort and continues to prove that he can play and should when healthy. All together a solid performance from the defense, it was needed and almost expected against Reggina.

I have to admit that when the game started I was a bit disappointed in Carletto’s choice of an xmas tree formation, because they needed goals by the bunches, and Ambro was suspended. Carletto proved me wrong, and Pippo worked incredibly moving left to right and all over at times appearing to be more than one person. The real reason though for the early success today was Kaka and Seedorf’s willingness to take players on and move the ball causing havoc in the box. Two perfectly placed PK’s by Kaka all but sealed the deal but things got even better.

Carletto made smart moves today, subbing Pato for Seedorf when he showed no gas left in the tank. Pato came on and instantly paired up with Inzaghi for a great one two goal. That goal was the perfect advertisement for two strikers as it showed when one does not succeed the other is quickly to follow. Carletto also took off Rino to a thunderous ovation in favor of Gourcuff who also instantly put his mark on the match with a perfectly weighted pass onto the head of Pato to KO Reggina.

Today was a perfect example of a Milan team firing on all cylinders from the bench to the front. It was honestly a site for sore eyes and with the remaining four games featuring Livorno, Inter, Napoli, and Udinese the season is far from over. The scudetto race may no longer rest on the Derby but twelve points would go a long way in Milan’s road for a top four finish.

Granted some assistance from the Viola’s competition would be great, but you should always take care of your own business first before you rely on the failures of someone else. As I discussed with Peter in past comments, we can only hope that Fiorentina continues on in the UEFA cup and focuses on that prize forgetting their duties in Serie A. Regardless, it is will be a fantastic finish in Serie A from top to bottom.