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Tuesday Milan Musings

I hate to beat a dead horse, but I want to get in a few final thoughts about the Juve game. I am still a bit upset with Bonera and it appears that I am not the only one. It seems Bonera may get a suspension from the FIGC stemming from his poor tackle on Sissoko. That tackle cost the team at least one point if not three, and what hurts more is the confidence lost in the player. I was never a big fan of Bonera as it seems liked he made big mistakes in key situations, but his play in the last few weeks was beginning to change my mind. Now I really don’t know what to feel and at time where his play was needed he let the squad and fans down big time.



-I was a Philosophy dual major in college and there is an old philosophical adage about entertaining a thought. If you do not entertain the thought then it does not really exist as you have no recollection of ever entertaining, and any discussion pertaining to that thought is merely hearsay. Yes I am going somewhere with this I promise. Today Channel 4 and some of the other transfer rags were running story of Rino being sold. I choose to not entertain this thought and consider it hearsay from here on it. There will be no further discussion on the topic.

-Catania left winger Manual Vargas will leave Catania at the end of the season. His skill is well known by Milan fans and his versatility is well known up and down the boot. Vargas has said he wants to go to a top class like Roma. ROMA WTF!?!! I don’t comprehend a world where the reigning CL and World Club champs are not top class, Manuel we will forgive you, come to San Siro and take position in the place of legends, left back.

-If Milan does not buy a whole new team, which we all know is highly unlikely. There is still hope in the youth sides that gave birth to Paloschi this year and many great starts in the past. Darmian and Marzoratti may be called up next year and is sight for sore eyes for this Milan fan. Let us reflect on the formula used by Milan to gain much success across Europe. Home grown talent (Paolo, Costacurta, Albertini, Ambro…) + role playing foreigners (Gullit, Van Basten, Sheva, Desailly, Weah…) = some of the greatest teams ever assembled. Let us not forget that recipe as we move forward into a potential era of rebuilding the Rossoneri machine.


-I wish I could apply my Philosophical theory to the Ronaldinho rumor but it is everywhere from tabloid rags to Everyday I try to take a few minutes to consider the repercussion of signing Dinho. There are so many that I would type here for hours so I will mention a few here and there and we can really weigh on the “Dinho Implications.”

My first thought, does he start or does he play the bench? If he starts Milan would be in a perpetual xmas tree formation. Pato, Dinho, Kaka, Seedorf/Ambro, Pirlo, Rino, and the rest of the crew. Does this hurt or help Kaka? Will Seedorf be OK with his limited role (he is top class and will probably be OK, and he is getting up in age)? If Carletto is not the coach will this formation make sense? What if Rijkaard comes over from Barcelona? As you can see there is so much to contemplate and lose sleep over, I will let you guys do the rest.