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Juve 3 Milan 2,

When the game ended today, I did something I had not done in a long, long time. I shut off the TV and walked away in a vain attempt to take my mind completely off of today’s match. I was not even going to write tonight because quite frankly I didn’t even feel like, I was emotionally dejected. But what I have been realizing time and time again is that this blog is free tifosi therapy and when I sit down to write I get to exercise all the demons of the day’s debacle. Here we go….

-Pippo Mio, it should have been three, you certainly earned it today. When the game was difficult and of high value, you came to play, as you always do. There are few like you, and their will be even fewer like you. Even in the last ten minutes that you were on the pitch when you were showing exhaustion you still gave all you could and can’t be applauded enough.

-The first half was easily one of the best first halves I have seen out of the Rossoneri this campaign, and in quite a while. Juventus are a class opponent, unlike Inter, and Milan understand which always leads to an A+ game. That many goals in the first half goes to show how open and flowing the game really was, we all knew before the game that Milan’s defense was not top class, and that they would concede but they did well enough for the team to win. I made mention in the comments on how Juve worked their left flank, as they saw it weaker, seeing that Maldini was on the other side. They played smart, but Milan countered with some amazing work from Pirlo and Kaka.

-With a first half that good, their was bound to be a let off in the second. For anyone who has played a ninety minute match, it would be virtually impossible to maintain that first half pace for a full ninety, it is virtually suicide, and would leave the defense terribly exposed. With this being said the second half did not start well and by no means ended well either. It is best to look at it piece by piece.

-From the whistle to the red card, the ref of the day, Mr Rocchi. Did very little whistling blowing for Milan. The fouls where there and it is impossible to deny it. Camo, Sissoko, and Salihamdzic were crushing the Milan right flank, and while Juve was playing the bully, Milan was gaining frustration. Lets talk about this for a moment outside of the context of this match. The single most important job of an official is consistency, so after a first half of stern whistle blowing, and smart advantage play, both teams will expect the same type of calling, heck who wouldn’t? So when the second half starts and the whistle has been left in the locker room it is only natural for a team to feel this change and begin to take advantage, leaving their opponent frustrated and looking for fouls.

Cut back to today’s game, and Milan getting extremely frustrated as it seemed like no calls were going their way. Sissoko and Camo had just bullied Bonera and Rino, and as Sissoko went up field with the ball Bonera clattered directly into him with a terrible challenge. First things first, it was a bad challenge, and virtually inexcusable, but in the context of the game it could have certainly been avoided. The ref could have easily issued a yellow, but alas you make your own luck and bad luck in life, and Bonera was sent off. Being a gentleman, I will say that Sissoko was a beast out their today and I was happy to see he was OK, though I would prefer for him to have been subbed. So the game goes on.

-I have to say this is when I began to get very, very, very frustrated. I understand why Carletto did what he did with Pippo. When you are down a man you always reinforce your backline so I can’t argue all that much with the Pippo for Cafu move. Cafu did well today but further proved that he is a guy that can only contribute for a short time in a limited role, Fenerbache may be accepting applications. In essence what Carletto did was to decide to play for the draw, and the saga continues.

-The calls continue to go out of Milan’s favor and frustrations of the players and fans continue to mount. Maldini goes in for a fifty ball, the ref whistles. Free kick Juve and goal for Salihamdzic, who seems to have no luck against Milan before today and with ten minutes the wheels fall off the bus.

-I really think Carletto covered his eyes, turned towards the bench, moved his hand back and forth stopped and landed on Gila. He was in by the 89th minute for Rino and really had no impact on the game whatsoever. He did have a poor a touch in the box, but at that point we were expecting a miracle, and all know well and good there are no more to be had for the Rossoneri. In the 89th minute I lost all faith in Carletto as he made the single most moronic move of the season, and their have been a few, with 6 minutes left and the need for a goal he removed the creative midfielder for Brocchi!! Brocchi serves his purpose, and I do not say it enough how well he does so, but he should only be on the pitch when Rino is not, he is Rino’s understudy and that’s that. Brocchi is not going to make the pass that wins you the game, he is not going to make the run that breaks the defense, and he sure as shit isn’t going to a corner that leads to the game tying goal.

In those six minutes Milan had three corners and a free kick and Seedorf, who was so exhausted he could barely walk was forced to take all them. All of them were poor I made add, but after a match like this, with his legs like jelly, you can’t blame him. Even Kalac worked his way up for the free kick to no avail. The game was lost, on the pitch and off the pitch.

I am upset, I am demoralized, but I have cleaned my slate, and now I hope I can rest easy.