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Saturday Morning Hangover

Sorry for the long layoff, but the family life has been a bit hectic the past few days. It has actually been a good thing because it keeps me from worrying about Milan. So when I sat down this morning catching up on the last post and reading all the great comments, I noticed some good stuff and some really odd wish lists.

It is not secret I prefer an Italian foundation at Milan with a few key foreign role players. Some of you view it the other way around, but as a fan of the Italian national team, and passionate hater of Inter, the Rossoneri can not go down that road. This is why I believe any available Italian should be considered before the purchase of a foreigner, ie Amelia, Toni, the Juve back four…you get my point. Having good young Italians on premier clubs such as Milan and Roma will assure future success of the Azzuri for years to come. Fab Quags and DiNatale, the door is always open.


This Sunday’s trip to Empoli, which is apparently not televised in my area, BOLLOCKS, is in my opinion the star of a brand new season for the Rossoneri. You said, I said, and Clarence Seedorf said it, the team has to be reborn and pick itself up from the Arsenal loss to assure a place in the top four of Serie A. The excuses are over, the games are once a week, and their no reason to drop points from here on out.

Pull it together boys the season has just begun…




Maldini Monday will address the possible return of Il Capitano for one more season, until then we can all keep speculating.

One last thing, Tito posted on the last blog entry, bringing a point I mentioned a long time ago, maybe everyone can rethink it now. KAKA SHOULD BE SOLD He probably won't go anywhere, but its always worth stirring the pot a bit.