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Milan 1 - Atalanta 2

Today's game was pretty much summed up with one substitution. You are down 2-nil and remove an "attacking" fullback and put in Brocchi. Folks, welcome to rock bottom...


There really is almost no good to be said about todays performance. Everyone was rubbish, OK maybe not everyone. Ambrosini played with more heart than I though possible, Paloschi gave it his all, and Il Capitano still looks like a kid again. The rest of them well, it was crap. I don't care if you are a world champion or a bench warmer, todays perfomance does not work anywhere in the world. You must capitalize on your chances and today will prove to cost mightly in the long run.

My hangover, headache, and anger really leave me with nothing to say, and the sooner I can get on with my day the better off I will be. I am almost scared to look at the Viola result, and the rest of the table so maybe someone else can shed some light.