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Thursday Milan Musings, Singing a different Tune

The other day I "gasp" praised Inter for making a very solid move for Ronaldinho. But today I have to change my tune, it appears those bastards are about to pull a Suazo on the Rossoneri all over again. Rumor has it that Drogba is in talks with Inter, and I am pissed off. But before I lost my mind and went irrationaly crazy attempting to destroy all things Inter I reread the article and did some investigative reporting.

First of all the sources of this article were a less than reliable than the Ronaldinho articles, the Dinho articles came from a reputable magazine while the Drogba articles came from the Us Weekly type websites that we all frequent. These are the websites that take simple phrases from Kaka:

"I think Real Madrid are a good team." and twist it to say "I can not wait to play for Madrid next season after just signing this mega deal, and Serie A can kiss my ass."

As you can see they are smut mills. It is very possible that Drogba said something to the effect of "I want to play in Milan next season" or "Italy would be a good place to play." So you can see how words can get twisted round and round.

The only real bit of evidence that would lead Drogba to Inter would be to follow his old flame Jose Mourinho. The problem with that is that the Inter for Mourinho talk has cooled down a TON and its look more and more likely that he will land somewhere in Madrid, your guess is as good as mine...

We all have differing opinions on Drogba, some of us stronger than others but after watching games like the one against Arsenal this weekend, it is hard to deny his talent. The man was a game changer and I can not help but imagine him paired with Pato or Gila in the Rossoneri. He instantly poses a goal threat and creates space for all the forwards around him, excpet for Sheva. People have been raving about Kalou at Chelsea this season and should look no further for a reason than his running Ivorian running mate.

I would like to leave you all with a little video from Fetyani that needed to be shared.

And another version as well...