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Milan 1 v. Samp 2

I have to say that if the Rossoneri are tired physically, then speaking on our behalf, if I may we are tired emotionally and mentally. Since the loss against Arsenal, the squad has been on a rollercoaster that has not only turned my stomach inside out but has weighed heavily on my mind as well. I keep sitting here asking myself if there is anything left to say, how many days can we spend talking about the age of the team, the lack of attack, or the shortness of the bench. In my eyes it has now become a matter of what on earth needs to be done to get this team into the Champions League next year with the 22 man roster it has right now. The problem that this is not a problem that concerns or even you, but Carletto, Berlu, and Ol'Fester, and they don't really seem to give a shit right now, do they.

Take nothing away from Sampdoria, who without Cassano showed heart, grit, and a determination that has lacked in the Rossoneri since the start of 2008. The fortress that once was the San Siro is now a stomping ground for visiting teams, and even Carletto has begun to see the misery that is overtaking the squad, "“Perhaps the team is getting a bit tired and old in terms of mentality, but we should wait until the end of the season to discuss this. They are considerations we must make in June." Kaka, who went out injured in the first 10 minutes, can no longer shoulder the load of this squad on offense, and the team cannot believe that Paloschi and Pato are going to becoming and exceed world class expectations overnight. But damn those kids try don't they?

The only comfort that comes from yesterday, and believe it is slim is that Inter drew, Juve lost, Viola lost, and those smug Romans were beaten by their bitterest rival's, serves them right for maybe overlooking the light blue machine who just last year sat in fourth place at this time of the campaign. Milan failed to capitalize yesterday on one of the best and easiest opportunities to make the season good again. This now leaves an even steeper climb, a trip to Torino at weekend, and the Viola hosting Lazio. Things are still interesting, but can we handle it as tifosi. Juve and Inter will mix it up as well, with the revived Samp (only one point back) plays hosts to Cagliari...

I have tossed the notion of not finishing in fourth place in my mind for the past few days. I liken it to getting splashed with coldwater while you are asleep, it wakes you up but it really pisses you off in the process. It may be the shot in the arm that the team and management need to realize that this team cannot continue in this shape and condition and that changes must be made. The only problem with not qualifying the potential loss of close to 10-20M Euro for transfers. This can also be spun in a positive light because their transfers will have to be very intelligent, frugal, and shrewd to make the most of the money, but then again Ol'Sil can open his wallet can't he?

I am going to take the next few days to compose myself and try to build the strength to enjoy Torino v. Milan which is only a few days from now, until then, as always FORZA MILAN. For better, or as the slide continues, for worse...