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Milan 1 Lazio 1, Not so Good

I have sulked all day, and have yet to really recover. If I sound bitter it is become I am.

Today the Rossoneri was exposed for exactly what they are. A team that lacks the bite to make the final strike in the attacking third, the past few games have made that as transparent as can be. The last five games have yielded 9 points and five goals, and on the outside that may look really nice, but when you needed 12-15 points this really does not look all that good.

Injuries have really been bad lately but it only exposes the lack of depth and youth that is needed for the long difficult season of playing in Serie A, Europe, and International tournaments. This team was just not built for this and it is really starting to show. Today, in desperation Carletto played three strikers, of the first time I can remember Milan had three attackers on the field and not even then could they get a goal from the run of play. The lack of creativity today was the real root of this problem, but it also showed the very poor form of Gila, Gourcuff, Digao, Bonera, Emerson, and maybe I should not even keep going…

Lazio did nothing special today and Milan had no real answer for them. Even Pato disappointed me today, I enjoy his style of play and really like the heart that he brings, but there are times when a pass may better than shot. I understand I may be overly critical here, but this squad has eleven players, and ten, OK maybe 8 can score given the opportunity (Kalac is a goalie and Digao just sucks). Their was very little cohesion and ball movement up front today to do anything dangerous in the way of attack. In fact lets map out a Milan attack today.

1. Rino wins the ball in midfield
2. He moves it to Oddo
3. Oddo looks for Pato
4. Pato makes a move and either loses the ball or passes
5. The cycle starts again with a different player

Nowhere in that lineup is the killer through ball, cross, or shot on net. It just does not amount to what is needed for a win.

What’s next…

On Tuesday Arsenal are coming to the San Siro. They tied this weekend, and were lucky to do so. This can mean one of two things, they are really focused for Tuesday or they are on a poor form streak. I am willing to bet they are really focused. This match is going to be by no means easy, and a win is the only way the Rossoneri are going through.

Kalac is playing well and I could not be happier with Oddo, Nesta, Kaladze, and Maldini. Even Janks is playing strongly, though not his old self. The midfield is also OK with Ambro, Rino, and Pirlo. It is the attacking third that needs work. Seedorf is out, and this is very much OK, especially if Kaka is back in form. If Kaka is OK then I would slot him behind Pato and Captain CL, Pippo. If Kaka is not healthy it leaves Carletto with the option to slot Cuffy in the Kaka spot, or to move Pirlo to an advanced roll and slot Gourcuff or even Serginho onto the left flank. This will assure that Pirlo is involved in the attack and leave Rino running wild in the back in front of the defense with Ambro out wide right. I know it hasn’t been done this way in a long time, but I feel that it may work. Pirlo closer to the opposing goal may give the Rossoneri the best shot at long range scoring opportunities and good ball movement. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I will not have the strength or the will to post a preview before Tuesday, Maldini Monday will be here for sure, but I will post a thread for us to discuss the game as it happens on game day.

Below is the picture of the last, and only Milan squad to ever defeat Arsenal. Find comfort in the legends and hope that their strengths can be shown through the current squad.