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Tuesday Milan Musings, Samp Time




The Rossoneri are still licking their wounds from an extremely difficult weekend loss, but the shorter their memory the better they will be because Cassono-less Samp is coming to town. With Samp only four points behind Milan this game (what game isn’t at this juncture of the season) is very important. It would be a much more exciting game if Crazy Cassano was in town but it will be important nonetheless. Samp is a quality team that can take wins when they need too, but also have a hard time earning points on the road. Let’s hope they struggle for the sake of the coveted fourth spot.

Even more important are the trips of Juve and the Viola, to Empoli and Naples. The more the season wears on the more I am beginning to think the Rossoneri will need a little help and it is not time like the present for Empoli to crawl out of the relegation with a wins against Juventus. Napoli is easily the most inconsistent team, next to ours, and is capable of good strong wins. The problem is the Viola are by no means losing steam, with their UEFA win, and great coaching; I expect them to stay strong…

Carletto is firm that the team is going to pull it together, and their bill of health is getting a bit better. But as I look at the projected lineup of Kalac, Oddo/Cafu, Nesta, Kaladaze, Favalli/Janks, Rino, Pirlo, Ambro, Kaka, Seedorf & Pato, I have to wonder if they are going to be able hack it up front. They will need Saturday’s performance from Seedorf all over again, but they will need a much more collected Kaka and Pato to assure a win tomorrow.


-Kalac supposedly got a new contract according to La Gazzetta, but Milan’s website was quick to point out that it was not the case. Poor Kalac, he stands in for Dida and achieves fantastic form and is rewarded with Milan denying his contract extension. Kalac is not the future of goal keeping for the Rossoneri, but he is a fantastic back up and a formidable stand in. A contract is not the worst thing, but as Milan has shown they plan on doing better.

-Pele has stated that Ronaldo may not return to football and Ronaldo did not take the legend all that seriously. Instead he laughed it off and said then when Pele forecasts things they never come true.

-Abbiati seems to care little about his return to San Siro. I would not mind seeing him pulled back, but his lack of real desire is really off putting. He loves Milan, and he plays for them, I would be chomping at the bit to get into their starting eleven. Maybe Amelia will want it a bit more.

-Kaka has been voted the most popular in Italy, great now lets show some of the form that got you there.

-Seedorf believes Milan will finish in fourth, I really hope he elaborates on his beliefs. This way I can find some reassurance myself as well.