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Roma 2 Milan 1, The Slide Continues

A game like the one today weighs extra heavy on me because it almost feels like a waste when it is all said it done. It is very important to quite frankly come out at say that Roma did by no means dominate the game today. Today was a pure example of coach past his time with a squad, and being outfoxed by a coach who is really on the rise and on the top of his game.

I would like to first and foremost say, as I have the past three matches, that Il Capitano looks like a man possessed, and the last Vucinic goal really was no fault of his own, but more a man tracking back to cover the rest of his defenses ass. I made a point of it in a past comment that as long as his performances continue at this rate, he can be the left back for my favorite team as long as he wants to, and Milan would be hard to replace his value any time soon. I do realize that it has to happen sometime but until then, let’s enjoy this last hurrah.

Clarence played out of him today and if Pato and Kaka gave half as much as he did Milan would have thrashed Roma the same way Man U did all that time ago. Kaka lacked the bite today and has lacked it for much of 2008. Pato continues to learn slowly but surely but I try to keep my expectations of him in check as he continues to interact with the squad and mature as a player.

Kaka’s dismal 08 form seems to have trickled to the likes of Rino and Pirlo who have also been a bit timid and lack the bite needed to finish teams off in the attacking third. A small bright spot today was the link between Pirlo, Oddo, and Kaka which was truly one of the best bang, bang goals I have seen in a long time.

Onto Carletto. I hate sounding like a broken record time and time again but he has limited resources on the bench. But when the coach makes substitutions like he is pulling names out of hat, it makes feel pretty poorly. I understand he wanted to use Emerson as a midfield anchor, but someone has to tell Carletto he was putting in 08 Emerson for the role of an 03 vintage Emerson, he just can’t do it anymore.

With Kaka going down with what looked to be a bothersome injury, and Carletto putting every able bodied forward onto the pitch (must like Spalletti) and not a single one of those strikers did anything to create a solid chance on goal. Too many workers and not enough leaders was the summary of the last ten minutes of the Rossoneri on the pitch.

I sit here shaking my head and wonder what is going to happen next. I do not even want to speculate, and barely want to see it unfold. Not to sound overly drastic but a fifth place finish would be devastating to the team, transfer budget, and morale.