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Friday Milan Musings

Guess whos back?


Not only is he back, and supposedly ready for Siena. He is also ready to win a Champions Cup with AC Milan, and feels sorry for keeping Rossoneri waiting with his various injuries. Well Big Ron I have to say that your apology is not accepted from this tifosi and unless you put these team on your wide shoulders (or teeth) and carry us to some wins you are just expendable as your pal Dida at season end.

Do not expect to see the rest of the Brazilian trio this weekend, on the brightside this opens the door for Gourcuff and Paloschi. I always suspected Gourcuff as a wide midfielder but as I have read more about him I have found out that his strong suit is in the middle of the pitch. Join the club kid you and Clarence can fight for Ricky's spot next season while Fester buys some wing players.

Forgive my cynical tone but this is part of the season, specifically the games before the CL fixture, that the Rossoneri go top four or bust. This basically means that it does not matter who plays, where they play, or how they play, they just have to win, hands down. Pirlo gets it, his consistency and ability are through the roof and it does not matter who Milan or Italy for that matter are playing against. That spirit must flow through the whole team, and not to sound philosophical but this is where the guys get tough and play.

Siena smoked Roma last week and unless Milan plays it smart they could have the same fate. They can not beat Siena around and score only once, they need to go for the death blow and fast. See you all on game day.