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Wednesday Milan Musings, With a Touch of BLUE

First things first, Portugal is easily the one of the better teams in Europe, and I do not like to look all that much into friendlies. But as an Azzuri fan you really have to like what you saw and as a Milan fan you have to like it even more, this was a momentum builder a chance for people to really believe in the Don’s system (boy did he look sharp today, SORRY) of playing injecting youth and finding players who really want to earn the spot and play for the jersey unlike Totti and Nesta. Three Rossoneri made the winning eleven today with Pirlo, Ambro, and Oddo, and if Gattuso had been healthy you have to count him in there as well.

It is getting harder and harder to deny the fact that Pirlo is maybe the best player in the world. The passes, the movement, the shots, the guy is flat out awesome and very much the boss of the midfield, it is scary to think that he will only get better with Rino alongside him. Not a stellar performance from Ambro, but on par with his midfield mates De Rossi and Palladino, who also played well at spurts but nothing to gleem about. Again that is why you cannot put to much credit on friendly fixtures, but they are a decent barometer for where the team is headed, and who you want in it. It was nice to see Oddo slap CRonaldo around a bit though…

Amelia, played very well, and you have to wonder how long before he finds a home on big team. I mentioned it in the comment line of the last post, but you really have to wonder how much better this guy can be as he got big Cup matches and games with really high stakes other than relegation. He has yet to peak, in my opinion, and I could really get use to seeing him between the pipes at the San Siro. All and all nice work for the 3 – 1 win and congrats to the Don and the rest of the Milanista for a great showing. I could talk Azzuri all day but there is a laundry list of injury issues that need to be discussed.


Looks like the little duckling is progressing nicely and there appears to be no ligament, tendon, or bone damage. That really is the key here, and a sprain is as painful an injury as you can get, I am sure many of us can attest to that, but a sprain heals with time and rest. My timetable would be an Arsenal, better safe than sorry.


It looks like Ricky has a bum knee, and has had it for quite awhile. To his defense Kaka plays almost every game and is rested or subbed very sparingly. This may just be a case of overuse, or maybe a need for rest. It could also be that fans want a reason for his missing in the winning eleven, and discussing an injury makes a game of rest more palatable for fans. I would expect Ricky to get some rest here or there but not to really miss all that much time.


These guys may actually be ready for this weekend, and boy that would be nice. Hell, play them both with Gourcuff behind and see what comes of it. Both men trained today and I would expect at least one of them suited up if not on the pitch from the start.


What is there to say about this man, other than what the Milan Doctor has already said. “We have to protect Gennaro from himself as he feels no pain and pushes through everything. We need to run in-depth tests to prove if there is a still an injury.” Rino will play against, he may even play Sunday but if Carletto is smart he will put him in the cage and get him some needed rest. How much more can you ask from a player, no one will ever compare to Il Capitano in skill and heart, but Rino is going to give him a run for the money on the heart side.

Great comments on the last post, lots of great news stories and tidbits, I love checking and reading all the news that is being shared, you guys really are making my job easier and even more fun, all your opinions count and I hope I am working them into the posts as well. CHEERS.