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Tuesday Milan Musings

I know my recap is a little late but I want to get the space and time they deserve. I was also waiting on more news regarding everyone’s favorite duck, Pato and his, what someone has called horrific ankle injury. We have at one point or another rolled our ankles in the midst of a soccer game and boy oh boy does it hurt like heck, but unless you hear a crack! you are usually stuck with a ankle that looks like a sausage and a week or two on the couch with some ice. With that being said Pato’s sprain looked pretty bad but he is young and will heal quicker than the rest of the squad. Problem is quick may last as long as a month.

Back to the game yesterday, it was freaking ugly, chippy, and a fairly poor display. Almost every player on the pitch had a brief flash of good play surrounded by many flashes of poor play. Except for poor old Ujafalusi, who is a great player, who just had a howler, but he was matched by the likes of Seedorf who never got going. Speaking of Seedorf what was all about his hissy fit as he left the pitch? There is no room for that poor attitude, especially when you are in the twilight of your career. This is a team people not a one man show.

Great games by Kalac, Pirlo, and Emerson (yes I said it, but I was gritting my teeth the whole teeth). Kalac is making Dida an afterthought, and as long as the Aussie keeps stopping shots like the one that ended the game today, I do not care if I never see Dida again. A win is a win; I just hope they do not have to be grinded out like this one. Where do the Rossoneri go from here…

Striker shopping? Oh wait windows closed, thanks a lot baldy. Get used to the xmas tree because there may not be enough strikers around to fill in the games that are on the schedule. I hope Willy Aubamayeng is ready, and I hope Carletto is ready to call upon him and maybe even Gourcuff. I have no arguments playing Kaka as striker and Gourcuff behind, in times of a trouble a great tactician gets creative. I know Carletto is a great tactician, but is there any gas left in the tank?

Congrats to Borriello and his first Azzuri call up. I wish he was still at the San Siro because he would solve a fair amount of problems, 12 goals worth to be exact. As for the rest of the Azzuri, this may be the only time that I do not wish them to play. The Don can play all the Juventini, Romani, and Interista (oops sorry there is only one) that he wants because the Rossoneri need a break.

I did not want to do this but people have asked…