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Viola v. Rossoneri




In a few hours the Rossoneri will go head on the with the youngster from Florence. This is a game that is as close to a must win as you can get because of the standings and because as the season wears on the games will get closer and closer together. This means you MUST take points when you can, a loss here and the leaders get a bit farther away (Juve tied and Roma lost, so not to far away) but you can see the importance.

The club is an a bit of an optimistic uptick with a Gila revival and a run of better than average play in the past few games, Atalanta not considered. As we did last week feel free to use this space to lash out, or share joys as the game wears on and I will hopefully be back later to sum things up.


One last thing, I want to share a pretty funny quote I saw about Milan the other day:

"AC Milan, a Champions League Club, who plays games on weekends."
It says a lot doesn't it?