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Milan Meet & Greet

Disclaimer: I tried to keep this meet & greet as close to Milan related as possible, but feel free to share more info or ask questions that I am sure we would all be happy to answer. I will not be posting a full Catania preview but I will make sure to post a recap on Thursday.

Without further adieu I present to you the Milan Meet & Greet. Why you ask? Because last week we all came to the realization that we know absolutely nothing about the virtual company that we keep. Sure we have seen some pictures of Fetyani, and we know Ro is a girl, but there is so much more to learn.

I have put together a list of ten questions which I will answer, and ask you to do the same in the comments. We know each other’s name but please feel free to share yours if you use a nickname.

1. Where are you located? I am in CT, the northeast part.

2. Work or Study? Details People! I review and negotiate contracts for the University of CT, UCONN for short. I am also a graduate of Northeastern University in Boston, where I had some great Milan memories.

3. How did you become Rossoneri? I am part of a long line of Milanista, well me and my Dad to be exact, plus we got my cousin and sis. My Pops is from southern Italy, next door to Napoli but his love for an older version of Maldini got him going and a new Milanista was born.

4. Favorite National Team (please tell us if it is different than your Nationality)? FORZA AZZURRI!!!!! CAMPIONE DEL MONDO!!!!

5. Favorite Current Player? Il Capitano, but in a few months when he becomes my favorite past player, Rino will take the crown.

6. Favorite Past Player? I really struggled here but finally settled on Donadoni, but Baresi and Albertini are a very, very, very close second.

7. Favorite Milan Moment? My first, was my favorite, I stayed up late to watch the then Toyota Cup with my dad on RAI. Milan beat Olimpia Asuncion 3-nil and Franki Rijkaard was man of the match, and I was jumping up and down like a crazy seven year old.

8. Worst Milan Moment? Istanbul, I came home from class and by half time I was 8 Heinekens deep and was standing on the coffee table of my apartment cheering on a 3-nil lead, we all know what happened after that. If I could take back that day I would.

9. Favorite Foreigner to Wear the Red and Black? George Weah, the Dutchmen were good and so was Sheva, but George was King.

10. Favorite player to never wear Rossoneri? Drogba, I know it is a cheesy to way to go, but I started watching Chelsea when Sheva skipped town, and realized that he was nothing compared to that man.

One more thing, please watch this, the kid is awesome *THANKS RO