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Milan 2 v. Palermo 1




Halftime Thoughts

Ambro is man of the half, easily, his runs, aggression and ball movement are a cut above right now. The rest of the squad is just plain sloppy from front to back. It does not help that Palermo has decided to make things extra ugly as well. If I was Carletto I would definetly rest Kaka for the rest of the half, he looks a bit deranged today with the fouls and whining. Maybe he just needs a break?

On the otherside though Amauri most definetly looks like a guy who is playing for a job. Great touches, cheeky backheels, and some great runs on both flanks, if he could get some shots going things will not be so even. On the Milan attack though I am much more enamored with Gila's play than Pato. Gila is holding possesion and fighting for space, but has yet to really get a good dynamic dou going with Pato.


Ambro-MOTM, his heart was second to no one today.
Pippo- living offside means you will get the occasional call against you, and score the occasional spectacular goal where you are all alone.
Gourucff - or Cuffy as Ro has named him passed crossed one of the nicest balls I have seen since Oddo's to set up, Pippo. The rest of his performance was forgettable but that ball makes me want Carletto to play again Wednesday.

As for the rest of this game it was a joke. Palermo packed the box tighter than a fat kid in a small sweatsuit and choked any life out of this game. The ref had no concept of advantage and handballs which really detracted from the what is supposed to be the beautiful game. I am not happy with the performance but for fourth place, you grin and bear it. More games like this are going to put me in a foul mood, so the sooner we move on the better it will be.

Maldini Monday: Election results for the next captain, its tie right now so get your votes in.

Wednesday: Milan Meet and Greet and Catania Recap

And then we begin the slow mental and emotional preperation for Arsenal...