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Oh Boy, Galliani's Going Shopping

Galliani has done it again. He has opened his mouth about potential transfer targets which has in the past done one of two things, amounted to absolutely nothing or left with the terrible thoughts of what could have been. As we all now though I am sucker and quite the optimist so when Fester opens his mouth I listen and then have to open mine and write it all down.

We are all in agreement that Milan need forward help, if any of you can argue against this you are nuts. Pato, Gila, and Pippo need help in a bad way, and what is worse is the help cannot come soon enough. Galliani’s targets are astronimcal but all worth mentioning and discussing. His shortlist, Drogba, Adebayor, Sheva, and Benzema, I on the other hand have a much more reasonable list: Drogba, Benzema, Amauri and Toni. I will not waste my time with Adebayor because Wenger will not let him go, and Sheva would have to crawl back here for me to take him back, so let us discuss the rest.

Before I list them and give a blurb on plus minuses I want to bring up a few things. First and foremost Milan is in possession of two holding type strikers. Pato and Gila are much different than Inzaghi. In my eyes there are two types of forwards Strikers and what I like to call poachers. Because Pato and Gila will most likely be involved in the squad for the time being we should definitely be in the market for an out and out poacher.

Drogba (poacher): I love the guy, and nothing you can say will change that. End of story, my Milan Drogba jersey is ready to be ordered when ever Berlu decides to ink the deal.

Benzema (striker): I like this kid; hell his goal against ManU was very nice.

But unless Carletto or whoever is in charge is going to slot him on the wing, he just does not fit the puzzle. Plus there is nothing worse than two Frenchman stewing on the bench. Thanks but not thanks Karim, just make sure you go to the EPL and not Inter…

Amauri (poacher): I like Amauri because even though he knows how to poach goals he can really work well up front and hold up attacks. He is also a Drogba-type striker who brings size, strength, and skill to the table. He is also unsettled at Palermo and would come cheap, and he also fulfills Berlu’s lust for a “Brazilian Trident.”

Toni (poacher): To me Luca Toni, or Toni Luca as my girlfriend calls him, is the second coming of Vieri except more talented and less cocky. The real reason this man went to Germany was the money, and as a World Champ he should have been a disgraced that Serie A teams were not throwing money at him by the case load. Toni was not the only Italian to leave Serie A, and many of them have kept no secret that they want to come back. A Zambrotta, Toni reunion would be nice.


A few things to discuss…

Ronaldo says his heart says yes and his body says no and does not know if he can return. I have said it before, and it may sound harsh but Milan has to move on. If if he comes back, what can we expect? Not all that much.

The Rossoneri’s home record in the CL is as follows 39-9-9, I am not a numbers man and not much for bets, but those numbers do a lot of the talking for me.

Hope this video brings some smiles; I will be back Sunday for a Milan-Palermo post for our game discussions.