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Saturday Morning Hangover

Forgive my brevity, spelling, and other problems with this post. I am tired, and a bit busy but need to relay the news of the day.

-Lippi may be the heir to the Carletto throne. The Corriere Dello Sport is reporting that Milan and Carletto will part ways at season's end and Lippi will step in. If Carletto does leave it will end an era at the San Siro, but may be just what the club is looking for, I always prefer when a coach leaves on his own accord rather than being removed so more power to Carletto. As for Lippi, I would have to say I am not upset nor am I thrilled. As a tactician and innovator he has never done anything special, as a motivator though he seems like the right kind of guy, example WC 06. With a new coach comes new players, new systems, and hopefully new success. Again this is only a report/rumor but it is important everyone has been made aware.

-Kaka is worried that Pato is being put under to much pressure. As many of you may or may not remember Kaka joined the Rossoneri squad relatively quietly and cheap compared to the fanfare for Pato. In turn, Kaka feels that Pato has been put under immense pressure to succeed, I on the otherhand feel that he has been hyped way beyond neccesary and will find it challenging to live up to expecatations. Kaka you can go head and pray for Pato, I say let the kid play and lets make judgements later.

-Gattuso's injury seems to be of the muscular strain variety, unlike R99 whose injuries are always of the mystery variety. Gattuso should be out around 4 weeks which gets him back in time for the second leg of the Arsenal fixture, I expect Gattuso, who if ready, to be back sooner. Do not expect to see him in any game other than the first leg of the Arsenal match if he is ready. Better to be safe than sorry, his absence may prove problematic in Serie A but thats why Milan has a bench filled with superstars ready to step in for the ailing teamate...Emerson anyone? Hopefully Carletto goes with Brocchi who just seems to want it more game in and game out.

-We may actually be rid of Ronaldinho rumors after all, there is a lot of talk that Dinho will be go to Chelsea at seasons end. SO HAPPY. This means that Chelsea will have to go into some form of flux releasing the likes of Drogba and maybe even Essien!?!? Oh the possibilities. Either way it means the Rossoneri do not have to buy him and Inter does not either, it opens the door for more realistic transfers.

See you all Sunday after the Purple v. Red/Black (probably White).