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Sunday Morning Hangover, It's a Bad One

I can’t stop thinking about this Ronaldo situation; I am literally losing sleep over it. I hear people constantly talking about, and how he was wasted talent. I am also sitting here dejected, hung-over and in disbelief that another nil-nil draw has slowly begun to darken my hopes for this season. Juventus played a beauty against an underachieving Roma, while Milan have failed to attack, score, or just plain move the ball out of midfield in about a week.

You guys did well to discuss the Parma game because I do not have the strength or ability to type all that much right now. I am terrified about the Arsenal game, and I hope my preview will do it justice instead of some trembling words of fear. I did find comfort in the thrashing that Arsenal received yesterday. Don’t buy into the they did not care about that game bullshit, that game is a momentum killer, and is just what Milan needed. They got drubbed and in will be in the minds of players as they get ready for Wednesday. I also would like to remind everyone that last year Man United came in flying high, and all our nerves were very present and may of us lacked the confidence of a big Milan win. We have one thing and thing to do, keep the faith…

Dida, Cafu, Serginho, and Emerson have to go at the end of the season. There is nothing more for me to say here, the reasons are bright as day. What happened to Dida yesterday was just plan ridiculous and a distraction that was not needed or welcomed. As for Ronaldo, I am still kind of shocked. I do not want his contract extended, and I understand what the brass is doing here, they are not turning their back on him, which is honorable. But there are other ways to go about this. Show him support without investing money that they have been so unwilling to spend! My faith in management is as low as it has been in a long, long, time.

I want to wrap this Sunday morning discussion up with more Ronaldo thoughts, as I said early I can’t stop thinking about this mess. Does anyone believe he is in the upper echelon of great players if his career is really over? Do you rank him among the game’s greats? Does your list go Pele, Maradona, Franz, Cruyff, Ronaldo…? I just have no idea where to rank him anymore, if I had to choose now, here it is. (REMBER THIS IS MY OPINION)


1. Pele
2. Maradona
3. Zizou
4. Cruyff
5. Il Capitano (yes I did it, why not, think of the accolades, he may be the greatest club football ever…)