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Friday Milan Musings, Pressing onto Parma

A dark cloud has been hanging over the San Siro since the career threatening injury to Ronaldo on Wednesday evening. I have long since grieved, and though I feel terrible and wish R99 the best, I must say that the Rossoneri have to get their acts in gear and continue on in their season. The Milan brass have done their due diligence and offered mountains of support for the fallen Milanista, but for the good of the squad it is important that everyone moves on. ( I have to say I am OK with Milan’s decision to stand behind Ronaldo during a very difficult time, and we all know how much of a family Milan can be, but there has to be a time that the line gets drawn. I am not saying to terminate his contract instantly and leave him for the vultures, but I am a bit concerned that the Milan roster will be home to 4-5 aging Brazilians who are slowly become non-viable to the first team. A team is entitled so many players to the squad including both EU and non-EU and one has to ask the question, "When do we part ways with this Brazilian faction for the good of the squad? I am by no means trying to be harsh or inconsiderate but only raising a point that should be in more heads than just mine.)


Back to business, Saturday, the dreaded game before the Champions League, pits the Rossoneri against relegation potential Parma. It seems like yesterday that Parma were boasting some of the strongest sides in Serie A with the likes of Dino Baggio all the way to Adriano. Lately for some reason, the team has just plain sucked, and it is not for lack of talent. If a team ever needed a coaching change, these are your boys; this team is a sleeping giant with tons of talent. No team has played Inter harder this season than they did, and no team deserved three points against Inter more than they did, and as they toil toward the bottom of the table, it is only a matter of time before they get the ball rolling like they did last year and rattle of a string of wins to assure salvation. My fear is that they kick start this process on Saturday. Milan is coming off a downer on Wednesday and really need to bounce back if they want any hope of momentum and three very key points. As of today they sit one point behind the Viola in fourth place and if the stars align could be sitting in fourth place by the end of the weekend, but when have any stars aligned this season for Milan?

I expect a weakened side to assure good strong team for the Arsenal match, I will have a full preview on Tuesday morning. I expect two strikers, Pippo and Gila maybe, or even Paloschi, I also expect a patch work midfield with the potential for Pirlo rest. Another run for Gourcuff would not trouble me all that much, but his useless factor is rising in my eyes. Defensively the entire lot of fullbacks has been leaky at times, especially with poor clearances. I wish Carletto would choose a few pairings so that there is a chemistry, and also sufficient rest when necessary.

As always use this space to discuss the Parma-Milan fixture, big plans for Maldini Monday this, week and how can we forget ARSENAL!!! This is one of the most packed Milan weeks I have blogged, and I am losing my mind from nervousness, somebody get me a scotch.

Some highlights from last year's match...