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Milan 1 - Livorno 1, A Bad Day All Around

There is not much I can say about the game that was not said on the comments in the last post. Not a stellar performance from anyone on the pitch really, Rino did well and so did Ambro, but the squad never really gelled today. Carletto's subs were poor and changed things to much, and R99's injury made things even worse. It was not a good job on Carletto's part today at all. I will say one thing, and that is that Amelia is a BEAST, he is the reason this game was a draw today, and I hope Uncle Fester took note.

Back to Ronaldo's injury, I have heard a ton of conflicting reports. At first I heard it was as hamstring/quad, but as I watched the replays and saw the pain in that man's face, I could only think the unthinkable. A little while ago, Milan's website posted news that Ronaldo severly tore the tendon's in his left knee, requiring major reconstructive surgery and potentially ending his career. At his age, and his difficulty to get healthy, you have to believe that Ronaldo will have a moutain to climb if he sees the pitch again. He is even more unlikely to return to the pitch at the San Siro.

As I have said in the past I was never one of Ronaldo's greatest fans, hell I hated him when he played for Inter and it made me even angrier when he joined the good guys. Even though I had a ton of dislike for him, I always respected him, and sure as hell always did whatever I could to imitate and emulate that man on the pitch. Il Fenomeno was by no means a "joke title" this guy was the real deal, even Il Capitano said there was no one that he hated to face more than Ronaldo. Speed, size, and strength were just a few pieces of the puzzle that made this man one of the best strikers to ever step on the pitch.

Not much else I can really say other than it is a shame when stuff like this happens, I will let the videos do the rest of the talking. See you all on Saturday morning.