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Tuesday Milan Musings

Tomorrow Milan will take on Livorno and eliminating the last game in hand that Milan has over the rest of the table. That means that with a win they will climb to 39 points and in firm hold of fourth place and ticket for the Champions League. I am not trying to get a ahead of myself here but a few months ago the Rossoneri were toiling down the bottom of the table with very little chance of anything after losses to Empoli and Atalanta. So you can see why there is a bit of excitement.

Three points are not a given tomorrow and the solid run of play from the Rossoneri will have to continue. Remember the mark of a good team is one that can win in adversity, or when they play poorly and Sunday against Siena was a good example of that. Francesco Tavano has been a sniper in front of the net lately and the defense will have to keep him quite. That will not be a simple task because Nesta is having back problems and Maldini is going to be rested so that he can ready for Saturday? Don’t know what Carletto is thinking here if Il Capitano is going to rest he should rest until next Tuesday.

The strikers are also working their way back slowly but surely. Ronaldo is fit, but not match fit, which is a polite way to say he is out of shape. Pippo did not look like his old offside, goal poaching self this weekend and he may be in the same boat as Ronaldo. This opens the door for a Gila/Paloschi tandem with the potential for a Gourcuff tre- quartista.

Here is my projected lineup:
Kalac- Dida is done in my eyes, and I can careless. Thanks for the good times pal.
Oddo- plays tomorrow, rests Saturday, plays Arsenal (we have to think here Carletto)
Bonera- OH BOY
Kaladze – Nesta’s running mate is a solid option all the time, and is always better with time on the pitch.
Janks- see Oddo.
Rino- he has miraculously recoverd, as we all knew he would. He needs pitch time before Arsenal. Should be subbed soonest by Brocchi
Pirlo- see Oddo
Ambro- see Oddo
Gourcuff- with Kaka out let the kid run behind the strikers and see what he is worth.
Gila- he needs work, and is healthy a no brainer.
Paloschi- he also should play, start strong up front, but he must play much more consistent and prove that he is a not a flash in the pan but a talented future striker.

Other midweek odds and ends:

-Big Ron may hang up the boots; it appears his battle with injuries is really taking its toll on a guy who was at the top of the footballing only a few years ago. I have never been a big fan because of his time at Inter, but I have to say I respected him and for the good of the game really wanted to see the man he used to be. I really don’t know what is next for Big Ron, but I can leave it up to you to speculate.

-Matteo Ferrari, the bench riding Roman defender may be on his way to Milan in the offseason. Fine by me, the defense can use all the help it can get and the more choices the better off the squad will be, especially if Champions League is on the calendar. Zambro or even Barzagli/Zaccardo are better choices if available.

See you all tomorrow, post game…