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Milan 1 - Siena 0

Forget Pato, say hello to PALOSCHI!!!


OK maybe I am getting a little overzealous here, but you have to say scoring a goal in less then 30 seconds on the pitch on his first touch of the ball is pretty freaking impressive. Even that moment of joy from everyone does very little to overshadow what was a very, very, very poor showing today. I understand a lot of the squad was seeing action for the first time in a while but that is not excuse for poor defending, poor choice of shot, and just plain sloppy.

The real guilty guys are Janks, Bonera, Ronaldo, and Cafu. It is important to note though in all the crap there was some good showing from Ambro and Seedorf. Seedorf did well enough to make a difference today but was definitely a victim of trying to hard. Paloschi came on like a shot but fizzled in the end, he instead should have dominated especially with Siena down to ten men. There is no excuse for a team like Milan to not score a finishing goal when a team like Siena is overstretched and down to ten men. It scares that they can not get the knockout blow.

Kalac has got as firm a grip on the number spot as you can get, and there is not argument from me. I am not his biggest fan but his playing his way into my good graces one amazing save at a time. Even if Kalac is not your future number one, who in my opinion he is not, there is no way Dida should be on this squad at the start of next season.

I always need to remind myself that 3 points is 3 points, but why does each game have to be an epic battle when they could be easy wins. Carletto looked confused today and his substitutions were questionable. It will be interesting to see if Nesta is OK, or was just rested, but the tactical mindset should change during this injury crisis. A midweek fixture with Livorno will prove another valuable game and a different formation featuring Gila, Paloschi, and Gourcuff may prove successful. Then again playing for a successful win seems to be out the mindset of Carletto.