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Thursday Milan Musings

Well the day after a win is always bittersweet. I am still really happy about the win, but it has time to settle and I really start picking apart what I did not like. I guess we can start with what I did like though this time around.

-Rino and Pirlo played out of this world.

-Once Oddo warmed up he was awesome, pinpoint crosses and great defense.

-Pato is on a one game, one bad pace, so the next one is going to be good stuff.

-Kalac seems to be playing as though he does not want Dida back on the pitch, does anyone blame him?

OK bad things now:

-When the defensive wings move forward, we look a bit lost and slow in the back. A good forward will make things miserable for the back line.

-The Rossoneri lack the killer instinct that puts teams away. I do not understand why they can not score four goals a game; it is not for lack of chances.

-Kaka really struggles to get going in Serie A games, specifically mid week ones.

OK enough ranting it is time we talk about the schedule ahead. Fiorentina is on deck and in case you haven’t noticed they are playing well. It will be a formidable task against a team that needs the points just as much as we do, on the flip side there is no better team to beat than one ahead of you.


With seven games coming up in February, instead of the usual 4-6, the Rossoneri will have to take points wherever possible. Equally as important is the need for Carletto to keep a fresh rotation, the only problem with that is the bench is not exactly trustworthy in these situations. The boss needs to rotate more, giving individuals a rest here and there instead of completely changing the lineups game in and game out. At this point we need continuity and really good use of the substitutions.

Last Few Odds and Ends…

-Ronaldo, Pippo, and Serginho will all be ready for this weekend. I would expect to see at least two out of the three show up against Fiorentina at some point or another.

-Michael Essien loves Milan just as much we do, but do not get to excited he does not love it enough to play there. I think I would though.


-Potential future rossoneri striker, Didier Drogba, is tearing up the African Cup of Nations, could Serie A be next?

-Is it to early to start talking about Arsenal?

-Finally Tiziano Crudeli anyone, this man loves Milan more than all of us combined.