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Milan - Catania Preview

As you may or may not know I am still away, but am en route home as you read this. I am excited to know that the one of the first things I get to do upon my return is watch Milan take on Walter Zenga's Catania.

Zenga's Catania has been a pleasant surprise in more ways than one. Creating quite a stir with "pants dropping" incident. Outisde of that gimmicky move however Catania is a well organized and well coached team who is capable of beating any team on Serie A. Milan is fortunate to be entertaining this squad at home at the San Siro which has been a bit friendlier than in the past few seasons. But this is a team that needs to respected and taken seriously, dropping points in games like these is no longer an option. Catania may not be the bottom feeder we are used to, but three points here makes dropped points from the past few weeks all that easier to forget.

Back to business as usual tomorrow...thanks for your patience!!