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Maldini Monday

Alessio of the Juventus Offside shares his thoughts on Maldini...

I think it’s impossible to not respect Paolo Maldini. For me, an avowed Juventino, he is my all-time favorite player never to don the bianconero shirt. We could go on about his incredible loyalty and passion for Milan, but it’s also of course that he is one of the greatest defenders the world has ever seen. He has maintained such a high standard of play for so many years; one of the players of the tournament in 1994, and UEFA Champions League Best Defender in 2007. That is unbelievable. An absolute crime this man has never won the Ballon d’Or. Even this year, he has been one of Milan’s best defenders. Legend.

If anyone has seen the Maldini Il Film you know at the end his peers, coaches, and friends all reminisce about the greatest defender to ever walk the Earth, this is your chance to do the same. Milan fan, Paolo fan, hell even Inter fans you are welcome to share your memories at and you too will get your time in the sun to honor Maldini.