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Maldini Monday, One Year Anniversary

It is hard to believe that today marks the one year anniversary of Maldini Monday. Last year at this time we were celebrating a World Club Cup victory and the twilight of our Captain’s exquisite career. Things did not exactly work out as planned, thankfully we got another season of Maldini who has exceeded expectations and levels of play, as always, while still playing in pivotal games when many expected far less.

As grateful as I am for the extra year of Maldini’s presence in my weekends, the content for each and every Maldini Monday is coming from deeper and deeper from the vault. In an effort to keep the content rolling and keeping it fresh I am reaching out to you for a little bit of assistant. What I would like is your Maldini memories, whatever they are, send them over to I will then post them and you will get your well deserved moment in the sun. As fans, it is a chance for us to repay the man who has really given every last ounce to Milan and to us as fans. Pick your most obscure memories, your funny memories, your sad memories, but share them so we can all weight in as well.

I will start us off with a simple little anagram, that was shown in Paolo Maldini Il Film. If you take all the letters in Maldini and rearrange them, you can come up with Di Milan which is in fact that truest statement associated with Il Grande Capitano.

I look forward to hearing from you and Forza Paolo!!!