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He Will be Missed...

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I had this long drawn out post cooked up discussing the sale of Ronaldinho and his effect on the Rossoneri and so on. But the news of the Gattuso injury really put a damper on my mood and my spirits. The whole Ronaldinho thing seems trivial know considering that the single most important player to this squad thus far is now out for six months. The engine, the enforcer, the vice-captain, the pitbull, and the man who is been the difference maker for the Rossoneri making close games winnable and victories possible. Granted he was not going to be in the starting eleven against Juventus because of yellowcards, and you could see the regret on his face when carded. Whereas he may have shown some guilt and frustration he didn’t show pain, because I remember quite vividly when he went down and his right leg pulled under him. He got up and continued to play, and that may pride may have cost him the season.

I can sit here and cry about it, and the same goes for the Rossoneri, or they can galvanize. Ambrosini will be back soon to fill some of the void. Flamini, so aptly compared to Rino, can show us what he is made of. Lastly, the right flank will be a little less crowded when a certain crossing specialist arrives in Milan. This is a terrible loss, but good teams press forward, teammates step up, and games continue to be won.

But as always we will miss the fire…