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The Path of Success...

During times of prosperity we as humans have little reason to question the path towards success. It is the polar opposite of times of crisis, when we are always questioning and wondering how we have fallen on such a poor path. The last ten games for AC Milan in Serie A are a perfect analogy to this, with ten games without a loss we are experiencing a bit of comfort that has eluded this squad for a very long time. However in this comfort we are neglecting, to some extent, the critical eye that has always made Rossoneri fans some of the most intelligent and well read fans in the entire soccer world.

Sure ten games without a loss is a honeymoon of epic proportion, and when you look at the fixture list you see some draws and some very close wins. But you and I know that these wins were far from easy and this squad is looking good from afar but at times it is also looking far from good.

In attack the team has lacked the cutting edge needed to score goals by the bagful, but at times also lacks the proficiency for that finish touch. For a team that a few years ago scored more goals than any other Serie A team in history, and has only added offensive skill since then, it is a bit unnerving that the goals are coming more from PK’s and set pieces than free flowing play. The defense has also looked shaky at times, but the more you watch the more it seems like a security system that has a hole or a two in it’s infrastructure. The difference from this year and past seasons is that the mistakes by the defense have not been crucial to the game, and Abbiati has been able to come up with the big system when asked.

The shining spot has been Milan’s ability to possess the ball in the midfield as well as challenge and win balls around the center circle. This is promising because they are capable of solid midfield play without arguably the best midfield maestro in all of Italy in Andrea Pirlo. The return of Pirlo should only further the skill of the midfield and one can only hope that his return will benefit the anemic attack as well.

At 2:30 EST on Sunday Milan will travel to Torino to play a squad coming off a loss, and more importantly losing 3 of the last 5. This is a team capable of victory but with Rosina riding the pine, and the unlucky break for Milan fans to have Abate injured for this match. The talent for Torino is not at the level of the Rossoneri and if the Rossoneri can catch a spark and find the net early and often, it is just what the Doctor order to kick start his offense and get this team moving with some steam prior to the tough December and January schedule.

Odds and Ends

Milan and Real Madrid will forever be linked as the two most successful clubs in CL history, but as of late they have been linked with a bit more. It is not secret that Sergio Ramos is a great player, and many have even have the audacity to compare him to Paolo Maldini. I wouldn’t go that far just yet considering the esteem in which Il Capitano is held, but Ramos would make a nice addition to the Rossoneri next season. Uncle Fester has denied such claims, probably because Ramos does not fit the bill of aging star, or overweight Brazilian, but we can only hope there is a shred of validity to these claims as we wait anxiously for the rearming of the Milan defense.

That is not the only Madrid rumor however; it seems that Real has a bit of interest in our own Carletto. We all remember the last very successful Milan coach to leave for Madrid, and the success he was able to achieve domestically. But Madrid fans and management want more than just domestic success; they want the glory that has been out of this club’s grasp for what seems like ages. Uncle Fester has also denied these claims, but with Bern Schuster getting the dreaded vow of confidence it may be this rumor has more traction than we all would like to thank. We have all at one time or another wished for the end of the Carletto era, and I am not sure how I would feel it became a reality…

Any thoughts on a Carletto for Ramos move!?