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Tuesday Milan Musings, OK Boys Vacation is Over

Milan was succesful today in Dubai striking net twice in the friendly. It was not much of an affair to get excited about with two seperate Milan teams playing each half, with only Gourcuff seeing action in the full ninety. Gila bagged a pair in his short time on the pitch and Ronaldo did little to impress Carletto and company other than pledging 100% effort to the remainder of the campaign...great.

With Napoli on deck upon their return to Italy the Rossoneri really need to get their act together and hopefully get some reinforcement in the process. I can not make any processes in the reinforcment only some speculation,Vargas anyone? But I will say that if Carletto wants to win with the current squad we may need a bit of a formation switch and a more attacking style of play to help support a defense that has not been playing all that poorly. Nesta and Kaladze have been strong int he back and have been let down by their keeper time and time again, it is the offense that needs to rely less on Kaka as a goal scorer and may need to field more than one striker to see some points.

I can't really stand to wait for the return campaign and am even more exciting for the Champions League, where it seems that no matter what problems are going on back in Serie A Milan has always played to their peak in that tournamnet. Just thinking about Milan-Arsenal makes me want that game to be on tomorrow, until then we can comment on what Carletto needs to do to right this ship below.