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Maldini Monday

Staying with the trend of Maldini Il Film in this week vidoes it leads to awesome Champions League footage. I would like to talk a little about Il Capitano's Champions League record but then realized the stats speak for themselves.

162 Appearences in the Champions League from 1989 to present with the possiblity 7 more.
3 Goals, hey he is a defender who rarely scores
5 CUPS...obscene. Do you realize how miniscule the number of Champions League winners are and Maldini has done it 5 TIMES!!

Il Capitano has come out this week and said that he hopes that his final game of his career is played in Moscow in the Champions League Final 2008. Myself and all the other Milanista can only hope Il Capitano gets his wish and in turn we are able to see him off as a true champion.

Enjoy the vidoe and as always share yours. The next few Maldini Monday's I would like to do Maldini memories so if anyone wants to contribute I would really appreciate it.