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Pippo Balls and Stones?

Well Channel 4 is reporting Pippo may have kidney stones. Because it is Channel 4 I am not all that nervouse, it keep be Pippo's brother, or hell just another guy named Pippo but logistically speaking if Pippo really does have to pass to microscopic rocks of calcium instead of Offside flags we are in a heap of trouble.

Enter wonder boy, the Duck, Signor Pimples, or just plain Pato. This kid may have to play sooner than later and with just Gila and him healthy this season is not going to get any better fast. Its time for a miracle, or a transfer...FAST.

And to Pippo, from my girlfriend who as claimed that this news is not all that important. "Drink some cranberry juice and it will all be fine." Heartless. Get well soon my goal poaching, born offside amico, and if your not sick than stop sucking and score more goals.