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Reggina 0 - Milan 1, The Climb Continues


Well Milan was away from home, Gila played and guess what? Bingo, bango, like clockwork Gila scores. Carletto and others, specifically Pippo, drummed up a ton of support for Gila this week and the ex-Parma hitman rewarded everyone. Other than Sunday where he was forced to play two useless minutes, his last few appearances have shown that Gila can be a value to this team, and may prove a valuable component to play alongside Kaka and Pato.

Back to today’s game, anyone else think Rino was hellbent on this team winning by blasting shot after shot from outside the box? He was able to score last week, and looked hungry to add another this week. I have no problem with Rino, or anyone for that, blasting shots from outside the box. With strikers like Pippo and Gila these guys are very capable of dumping potential rebounds into the back of the net.

Oddo continues his run of solid play, and Favalli is doing fine as Maldini’s understudy. It makes me wonder what role Janks will have upon his return, if ever, and if guys like Serginho who played a ton of left back in his day, is no longer a favorite of Carletto. I will have to say that Emerson starting over Gourcuff was a poor choice on Carletto’s part, and leads to me to wonder if he will potentially be considering him for a Champions League game. I really have no idea anymore.

I personally would really like to see Gourcuff in Seedorf’s place, as a replacement either sub or fill in, in the role of withdrawn attacking midfielder, or the player who sits behind the attack. With two forwards, whoever you like, and Kaka behind them, it leaves you with a line of three midfielders that could consist of Gourcuff/Seedorf, Pirlo, and Gattuso. It is a lineup that allows for more flexibility but also a fearful attack. It keeps Kaka high up and supports Pirlo with the help of a Seedorf/Gourcuff/Ambro, it also opens the door for Carletto to remove a striker for a midfielder in the later stages of the while still remaining offensive in the attack.

Looks something like this:
Oddo Nesta Kaladze Il Capitano
Gattuso/Brocchi Pirlo Seedorf/Gourcuff
Pato Gila

(I cant get my table to work properly, but you get the idea)
Just a suggestion if anyone is reading…