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Maldini Monday


There is always a lot of discussion around Il Capitano’s post football career and where the road leads after retirement. A few years back, Maldini and his good friend Bobo Vieri decided to create a small fashion label named Sweet Years. A lot of the history surrounding the company name and logo is a bit foggy, but I assume it has something to do with their prime as their "sweetest years."

Having lived and traveled in Italy and Europe it is hard to walk around and not notice Sweet Years on clothes, billboards, motorcycle helmets, and car bumpers. One has to believe that it has a bit to do with being trendy, and a little bit to do with two of the most beloved footballers of the ‘90’s pedaling their fine clothing. Between Vieri and Maldini you have covered and appealed to almost every fan of Serie A with Vieri’s nomadic nature and Maldini’s widely regarded respect.


Here is a little video about the company, and a lot of Vieri, I can't beleive these guys are business partners. They are like night and day.

So it looks clothing may be a future avenue for Il Capitano, but then again there are a few more roads he may take…