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Milan 2 - Genoa 0

If you are watching and are near a computer, which you should be, feel free to rant about the game, as they say it is always better to lose with friends, or celebrate with them.

Well what is there to say as this game begins:

-Keep Borriello under wraps, he is the top Italian goal scorer in Seria A.

-Carletto went with a xmas tree instead of a Pa-Ka-Gi trident, don't expect more than one goal.

Enjoy our ramblings below, as the game went on but I want to add a few things as a wrap up.

We cannot let a two goal lead mask what really was a poor first half, missed chances, poor passing, and letting some of the Genoa forwards fly into the back. Whatever Carletto said at half time it seemed to work, but it remember it was 11 v 10 when Milan really started to dominated. At the moment I am phoning Arsene Wenger to see if he is willing to spot the Rossoneri a player so we can maybe score a goal.

Pato scored twice, but he scored goals that I believe anyone in his position could have scored, when he made a great move through the D he could not finish and that scares me, remember this kid is supposed to be your cold blooded scorer. He is a great talent, moves, and runs well but he needs to really be a mercenary in front of the net.

Great game from Oddo and Ambrosini who needed to really get back on form, Kaladze also played well after his mid week howler. What is there to say about Il Capitano, he just plays and its glorious, I am upset that every game I watch means it is one game less.

Lastly, I think the best thing for Gila is to leave ASAP, this week even. I just do not get Carletto, why not give him a run with Pato, I know there is a game this Wednesday but and Gila will probably play, but don't disrespect the guy by making him play the last two minutes, I would have told Carletto to F-off.