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Saturday Morning Hangover, What Happened to Silvio


What happened to you Silvio. There was a time when you were the only guy I wanted as an owner of my sport’s teams. You went around splashing cash buying up guys like Weah, Boban, Desailly and Sheva, mixing them with homegrown talent to make some of the strongest teams in Euro. Then you bought Italian talent like Pirlo and Gattuso furthering an already strong squad to win the CL and the scudetto in back to back seasons. Then something went wrong, maybe you lost a bet, had to pay alimony, or lost your embezzling cash cow of the Italian presidency, but in the process you lost hold of the one thing you were really good at, spending money. Instead you have turned your attention to high priced has been’s, I can not even name them all, but it is hard to not mention Cafu, Emerson, Rivaldo, Ba, Vieri, Crespo, and the list can always go on.

We went from having a winning eleven who all started for their national side, to having a winning eleven that "used to" start for their national side. In this same time period you have let a reserve team littered with players that would start at any other club fester and go to waste with an aging crew of Brazilians and poor young talent, this system will not work and it most definitely will not bring success any time soon. Silvio it appears you have lost your way, but fear not because it is not the first time you have gone through this debacle.

I remember ’96 like yesterday, the coach, Tabarez, the players, Kluivert, Reiziger, and Davids. The result…TERRIBLE, I hope you learned from those mistakes and do not go down that road again, and as you do, realize that the road the Rossoneri are heading down is not so good. Take notice in the bullets in envelopes Sil, because they may not ever hurt your but they should tell you that no one is happy…but we can remeber the good old days.

-Any else think Borriello will probably score a brace on Sunday? At least one is a gimme, and then maybe we can consider bringing back a player who in my opinion is playing extremely well, and may even be Azzurri material if he keeps up this run of play.

-Weird Gila fact, it was brought to my attention, and it may not be 100% accurate, that Gila has scored all six goals away from home and that Milan has no lost when he scores, hmmm, maybe he should play on the road.