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Atalanta 2 - Milan 1

Well there is a ton weighing on my mind after watching this game. First of all the Rossoneri had at least 5 solid chances in front of net in the first half. Pato missed a sure fire goal, as many of us tifosi have known in the past when Milan misses chances, it means missing points. I have to say I liked the lineup and I liked the way they moved the ball forward in attach, but on occasion things do not go your way. There is an old italian saying that goes, "One team played while the other team won," and that adage fits perfectly here. Milan did everything they were supposed to do but finish, and ultimately paid for it in the end.

The two defensive lapses are hard to swallow, but it really goes to show that Carletto has to get more time for the likes of Bonera, so that out of postion mistakes do not happen again. If the club is not willing to season defenders than maybe it is time they make some purchases. What really gets though is the fact that the game went pretty well in all aspects but the scoreline, which is the most frustrating thing for a fan. Especially when teams like Inter are playing way below standards and still getting three points, and you wonder why people are crying scandal.

I would like to point a few things from today as well. The first being the ability of Atalanta's midfield to constantly push the ball forward even in simple clearances. It seemed that Milan's midfield, more importantly Pirlo and Gattuso, were not as involved as they could have been, and when that happens you know a win is hard to come by. Second thing, is Pato's inablility to slam one home today, we all know what Gila went through and has gone through so I hope it is not contagious. Lastly, I cannot stress that everyone needs to really make the best use of their chances time and time again, the offsides today were just childish and looked like a pure lack of concetration. The strikers cannot waste chances anymore, the squad is just to desperate for points.

Where do the Rossoneri go from here. The transfer window has seven days left, and after todays loss I am sure the gears are turning in the Milan front office. I would not expect a huge big name signing, but the likely hood of a role playing defender or striker may be very worth the expense. It is quite clear that the likes of Emerson and Cafu are very inconsistent and unusable, which leaves a large gap in the defensive/defensive midfielder role. The problem lies with a real lack of good available players, and the real unwillingness of Milan to make a deal, more on that tomorrow or the next day.